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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WIT Wedding Wednesday: Flower girls

 Another WIT Wedding Wednesday another wardrobe idea, this time for flower girls.  I am no baby clothes expert (this is a WIT first), so this was a tough post. I love the simplicity of a little cotton or linedn smock dress, worn with a cropped cardi or bolero, leather sandals and a little bit of a chic hair accessories. Here are some of my favorite internet finds and a few ideas on where to find...

WIT mum readers.. do give me advice on where to find flower garlands?

Best for dresses and accessories:

Marie Chantal
Angel's Face
Petit Aime
and the most chic little baby in the UK... Mini:


Unknown said...

Per la coroncina di fiori delle damigelle... Se le desideri di fiori freschi, la soluzione migliore è il fiorista, altrimenti qui in Italia si possono trovare delle deliziose acconciature nelle boutiques che vendono gli abiti da damigella o da Prima Comunione per le bambine. Non so se in Uk è lo stesso. Ciao da Milano.

Shopgirl said...

You've found some really sweet and lovely ideas there!! :)

Veebers said...


Hope the link works. My little ones have had beautiful things from there. The lady can make anything you want - well, within reason ;-)

Hope that helps x

Veebers said...

also try H&M kids, or Etsy. x

WIT said...

Hi girls, sorry for the late reply, things have been manic in the office and I haven't had a chance to reply. THANK YOU girls! I've decided to have them made in the end.. x

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