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Monday, 5 August 2013

WIT is back!

There have been a lot of changes in my life in the last year - a new baby, a new do and the latest is one of my greatest loves, WIT. Having teamed up with a web and a graphic designer we've been working on quite a few changes - I've been so excited to show you the new interface and I can't wait to hear your thoughts. But don't worry WIT affcionados, all the usual content is still there: the daily outfit updates, beauty specials, packing posts and behind-the-scenes sneaky-peeks from my shoots. You will still be able to find all the usual inspiration and wearable, affordable fashion - I just wanted to offer you something more.

For the next few weeks, WIT posts will be weekly, updating every Tuesday (look out for tomorrows post!). Once I am back in the world of work it will be same "daily inspiration from inside a fashion editors wardrobe".. with a little few additions. Here is my lowdown on WIT's new look!

Live Twitter and Instagram feeds

Most of you know that WIT is on Twitter and also on Instagram but now you can follow live updates from the blog itself. It's a great way to get your instant WIT fix and to show you great buys, new shops and all the fabulous things that WIT loves. 

WIT's weekly star buys

Each week I will feature WIT's top three must buys with quick links to purchase them online: it will be everything from the best three pairs of everyday flats to a newly disocovered perfect-fit Tee via what's gone into my shopping bag that week. This weeks buys are all about celebrating the summer with a fabulous one piece swimsuit, a pair of classic sunglasses and some exquisite Chloe sandals.

WIT's weekly style tip

Another weekly addition is a quick style tip to try out each week. It could be anything from how to wear stripes and florals, to a heads-up on a newly discovered shop or the best manicure in town. This week I will start with a beauty tip on how to get the perfect beach hair with a little help from a product from the US.

The Greta Collection


Most of you are familiar with my new alphabet-inspired jewellery line, The Greta Collection. Now you can click on the site to see a gallery of some of the rings I've made so far (thanks to all of you who have Instagramed your rings to @WITblog) and order via email. In September, I will be launching the full collection which will include rings, bracelets, necklaces, a bangle and single pendants. But more of this in a separate post!

 WIT's promise

It is four years since WIT launched in February 2009. It began as a way to share my daily outfits with my friends and let them know where to get my trusted buys. It was also born out of my need to have my own voice, to share my passion and knowledge of fashion and connect with like-minded women who too want wearable, affordable shopping inspiration. I don't claim to always get it right, and I'm certainly not ground breaking but I do stay true to my taste. I only ever promote what I believe in and always try to remain fashion-realistic. Every single item featured on WIT is something I truly love and I always ask myself the same question: "Would I buy it?". It's a blog based on trust which has grown into a little community that I've come to love, so this year I plan to give my readers back as much as possible. I hope to team up with my favourite brands to bring you special discounts, promotions and fabulous giveaways so that everyone can hopefully take something away.

So sign up and follow WIT to receive your daily dose of 
"fashion inspiration from inside a fashion editors wardrobe"

Happy reading WIT readers!

Laura x



Anonymous said...

Great to have you back! can't wait to read your blog, I've missed your posts being a stay at home mum in the suburbs I need some inspiration! please could you feature affordable buys too? being a stay at home mum my clothes budget isn't what it used to be! can't wait to see the Greta Collection x

TheOnlineStylist said...

I love the new look and the new additions to the site! Congrats for a fantastic re-launch and looking forward to reading. Am signing up for inbox updates xx

Shop with Alex said...

LOVE the blogs new style!Look forward to continuing ready your posts
All the best

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad that you're back Laura! Ben tornata :D

Unknown said...

Wonderful - delighted to see you are back!!

Unknown said...

Finalmente Laura, che bello leggerti di nuovo!
Da quando ti ho scoperta il mio guardaroba è praticamente una copia di ciò che appare su WIT, capirai quindi come un anno di astinenza sia stato davvero difficile da sopportare :D
Grazie per essere tornata,

A Little Slice Of said...

So glad you're back, have missed my daily dose of WIT. I can't believe you'll fit it in with Greta and going back to work, you're an inspiration. Love the new look blog xx

Unknown said...

Complimenti vivissimi Laura per il tuo nuovo Wit e per la tua meravigliosa Greta Zita!
Ti seguirò con ancor più piacere!

PlumJam said...

Laura!! Welcome back and thank God for it....I'd come to rely on you for style inspiration. I'm really not kidding since reading WIT I have definitely found my fashion feet and the prospect of a return to daily WIT makes me and my fashion feet feel like dancing x

A Girl, A Style said...

Laura, it is so lovely to see you back on here (yo know how much I love WIW) and the new site looks absolutely fantastic and I love the new additions! Congratulations!

Briony xx

The Apple Market said...

Bentornata Laura! Sei un'ispirazione continua..!!
Un abbraccio

Style Souk said...

This was the cherry on top of a truly wonderful day...

Welcome home, Laura, better than ever!

Sarah x

Unknown said...

Hello Laura, i'm so glad you are enjoying this beautiful time in your life :) I have been following on Instagram and your baby Greta is gorgeous!!!
I miss WIT updates and i couldn't be more excited about your blog makeover , the best of the past with a fresh new face :)


Victoria Rebecca said...

Welcome back Laura, we have missed ou! love the new site x

Unknown said...

So glad you're back!! My absolute favourite blog!

Jo x


Sonia said...

Absolutely love the new look! looking forward to loads of new posts.
Beijinhos **

One for the pot said...

hello laura! che bello che sei tornata!!!! mi mancava proprio wit!

Cristina Elle said...

Lieta di rileggerti ;)

LG said...

WIT is back beter than ever, yay! (note to self-must retrieve my stripey tee from the donate pile)

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