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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Florence Outlets: the hunt

In the changing rooms at Stella McCartney in the fab check parka
Those of you that follow me on Instagram know that after  almost a year after going last time, last week I finally returned to the outlets. I left Greta in the capable hands of grandmother and great-grandmother and together with my little sister we departed on a 6 hour shopping trip to the outlets. We event ventured out of our usual two stops route, start with Prada and the onto The Mall to go and check out the Celine factory (turns out it doesn't exist). 

Prada skirt and jumper
Prada was a bit disappointing, I was on the hunt for something a bit unexpected a pair of crazy shoes, a fabulous accessory or a wow skirt, but this time the selection was a bit safe and all most of it still didn't feel like a bargain. I was a little bit tempted by a red skirt, but then decided that it was too expensive (180 euros not worth it). Then I tried a really beautiful black embellished coat (it was a show piece and a bit too small) and a jewelled pink skirt, but again at 450 euros it was certainly not a bargain. So we left Prada empty handed. 

It's all about embellishment at Prada
At The Mall I found a completely new layout. They now have a very well stocked Prada store (if not better stocked), where both my sister and I bought two ridiculously fabulous faux fur blue clutches for 30 euros each. 

When I got back home Greata wanted to stroke them thinking they were a toy...

Greta with my Prada clutch
There's also a much larger Marni and a whole Gucci building and if you are lookingg to blow the budget or for bridal/partt/evening wear Valentino had the most amazing stuff.

Valentino shoes
But it's in Stella Mc.Cartney that I could have gone mad. First of all they had the cutest selection of kids clothes at super affordable prices, and then the womenswear collection they were selling was one of my favourite of all times. I wanted to buy everything! Sadly they didn't have half of my sizes so in the end I only made one investment purchase of a great jumper (150 euros). 

The one that got away.. too small
Check WIT tomorrow to see part two of this post and see me wearing my new Stella jumper!


Simone said...

Oh that check parka is to die for! Love the Valentino shoes also xx

Style Servings said...

Aaah I've only been here once and that was really long ago, but I remember buying a pair of Armani heels for 25 euros.. Wish we had an outlet this good in the UK!

Jess said...

Just wondering if there was anyway of getting to the outlets without hiring a car? I'm going to be in Florence in January seems sad to miss such a crazy good shopping opportunity. Love the coat!!

Unknown said...

Jess: there are bus shuttles to The Mall leaving from the Trai station every day! (don't know the timetable but should be twice a day)

Collections said...

The Prada clutch is INCREDIBLE. What a great deal!

GlamRosie said...

€30 for a Prada clutch? OMG - why on earth have I not been there, that's it, I need to go. I thought the red Prada skirt looked amazing on you x

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