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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The WIT Boutique is open!

A few months ago I posted a photo on Instagram of my sitting room that had mometairly become a photo studio. The lovely team at  www.walkinmycloset.com had arrived catalogue  the entire content of my wardrobe for the website and photograph the designer pieces that I ha selected for my WIT Boutique

Here's the first drop of my clothes and accessories on sale, have a peek at it and at the thousands of pre-owned certified designer items on their website. And if you are thinking about doing an early spring clear out  I can highly recommend the Walk in my closet hassle free concierge service, read here for all details. Happy shopping! 


Anonymous said...

what's wrong with the louboutins which you are selling?!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where can I get the 2 gem necklace.
I have checked your website WIT and its not there and i cannot find it in Jcrew either.
I would really appreciate if you can tell me where could i get it. Its amazing!

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