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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dream a little

Photo by Julie Adams for The Grace Tales
It's my birthday next week and it's that time of the year where this girls can't help but dream a little. Last year I received one of my all time favourite birthday present to date: an Isabel Marant Etoile cotton swimsuit from my husband (but delivered by an 8 months old GZ). I wore it all summer and also for my Grace Tales shoot with Greta, which photos mean so much to me.

This year I'm once again hoping for a designer swimsuit, and since loving the Stella McCartney heart print so much I can totally see myself wearing the monochrome version over my summer holidays in Italy.

These days I much prefer wearing one pieces and actually, running after Greta most of the time, a strapless version will leave no tan marks and be super practical.  I eventually got a bit carried away and added a few bits to my birthday (dreamy) wish list and if you too are a March birthday girl you could add on your list!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

What a beautiful photograph and I love the swimsuit ... so special x

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