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Thursday, 23 July 2015

"Just-add-a-skirt" challenge day Four

COS T-shirt, Topshop skirt, Jimmy Choo shoes

Oh this skirt! It was another pregnancy buy (I must have really missed having a waist line when I was pregnant), and I have quite a good story attached to it. I was on maternity leave when I got a call from someone at J.Crew inviting me to a lunch hosted by Jenna Lyons to celebrate the upcoming opening of the first London store. I was still breastfeeding and was in a total maternity bubble, but I decided I to go, after all you don't get an invitation from Jenna Lyons every day and my life up to that point had been pretty boring! I didn't have any sort of childcare in place and had never left Greta for more than an hour, so Petro came over with her son Jacob to babysit (she later told me that had to cry her to sleep she was so upset). In a  bit of a sweaty fret I went to the lunch (arriving really late) only to be disappointed by the fact that Jenna had already left. After lunch we got taken to the J.Crew pop up shop in King's Cross and I was later told that Jenna spotted my skirt and said: "Who's that girl with the neon skirt - would like to meet her". And the rest is history ;-) Funny how clothes can have such special memories attached to them.

With Jenna Lyons in May 2013
Forgotten skirt: Topshop neon lace pleated skirt. 
Number of times worn: max 5
Reason of not wearing: Despite being inexpensive I'm afraid of ruining it - I love it so much I save it for special occasions.
Verdict: I will keep on saving it I'm afraid - one day maybe Greta can wear it and I can tell her all the stories attached to it.

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