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Monday 31 May 2010

WIT-ty summer holiday packing

I'm off for a week's holiday at the beach in Italy. I hate packing but I've become very strategic about it so thought I would share some of my packing tips as well as showing what's in my suitcase. 

This is how I do it:
LOCATION: Maremma, Italy
DAYS: 7 
EVENTS: none 
STYLE: totally relaxed 

Packing tips:

KEEP IT TONAL- I've chosen a palette of navy, corals, neutrals and denim- this way everything goes with anything, I can improvise and mix and match.
THINK FOR THE WORSE- I always pack a "in case it's cold" trousers, a hoodie (great against air-con on planes), one pair of socks and at least one pair of closed toe shoes.
SHOE REALISTIC- With the exception of a chic tan wedge, I rarely wear heels on a beach holiday and tend to prefer flats. My rule is ONE dressy, ONE casual, ONE close-toed.
DRESS-ME-UP/DPWN DRESS- I have to have it, possibly in a coral or emerald green to go with my tan. It has t be simple so to be worn with casual shoes or dressed up for the evening.
STYLISH LUGGAGE- I've said this before.. no point in doing all this work and then wheeling an Argos trolley. Luggage is a life tile investment and has to be as stylish as my outfits.

What's in my 7 days&night suitcase:

1- SWIMWEAR one swimsuit, two bikinis (same style different colours cause over seven days I don't want to worry about tan marks)
2- T-SHIRTS (two stripy, two block colours)
3- SUN HAT (I love this gold trilby from M&S)
4- COVER-UP (I opted for a cool&casual denim jacket)
5- SKIRT (the go-with-anything denim)
6- SUMMER CARDIGAN (for chilly nights- mine is balck and goes with anything)
7- SARONG (a thick cotton style is so chic)
8- BEACH COVER UP (I opted for an oversize crisp white shirt to leave opened over a bikini or belt up)
9- SIGHTSEEING BAG ( I love this hands free from Anya Hindmarch)
10- MAXI DRESS (a MUST- I'm packing two jersey numbers from ASOS, great for day or night)
11- CHINO'S (my "in case it's cold" trouser)
12- SHOES (one pair of tan wedges and three flats: one dressy, one casual one closed toe)
13- THE DRESS ME UP/DOWN DRESS (kind of says it all)
14- EVENING BAG (my summer Chanel 2.55)
15- DAY DRESS (a loose fit stripy number)
16- BEACH BAG (this is actually the cotton dust bag from one of my Anya bags but it's lovely and takes no space)
17- BELTS (one tan leather and one black fabric)
18- STATEMENT DRESS (this is my Chanel navy silk maxi shirt dress and I actually have feelings for it)
19- DRESSY PANTS (I love these coral cropped style- perfect dressed up with my wedges)
20- SUMMER SCARF (great on the beach or on the plane if air-con gets chilly)
21- JEANS (boyfriend style for a relaxed fit)
22- HOODIE (great for traveling)

PS. I'll be "mobile-blogging" for the first time from tomorrow... 


cocojones said...

This is really useful!. I used to try and pack minimally, but I got fed up of feeling like I didn't have enough nice stuff to wear on holiday, now I pack waaaay too much. I'll def be referring to your advice when I'm packing for my Malta trip in July. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Great tips - if I manage to get away this summer I'll be coming back to this post for help with my packing!

I've always quite liked packing, probably because I don't get away as much as I'd like to and I love the anticipation and preparing that goes with a holiday. Unpacking on the other hand...

Darcy said...

This is great, thanks. I can't find the Urban Outfitters dress you're wearing, which I'd like to get - any more details? Thanks!

michelle said...

This is priceless info on packing! You have just saved all of us excesss luggage fees. Love love love x Michelle

Sybilla said...

Very useful post! Love your blog!!

Gillybobs said...

Love this! Have just packed for my hols and adopted the colour palette approach (navy, silver grey, baby pink and denim - fab!). Cant believe I never thought of this before! Love your blog x

WIT said...

Thank you thank you! I am so glad you like this and find it useful. Will also do a winter one soon (well hopefully not too soon!!).

Jean said...

Wow, I wish I could pack this light!

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