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Monday, 10 January 2011

Play with textures & prints

Today I want to dispel a  common myth: you can mix fabrics, prints, colours and textures and still look stylish just make sure you keep colours it tonal  and print "handwriting" vaguely similar. Today I am mixing textures and wearing a wool, tweed-like lurex skirt from Prada (one of my Christmas outlets buys), my Top Shop lace top with bejeweled shoes-  what makes this look work is that is the navy colour palette. 

More common myths..

Navy and Black: approved
Red and Pink: aproved
Stripes and Florals: approved
Lace and tweed: approved

See a little bit of what's happening next season..

Prada's BOLD stripes and bold

Sportmax clashing red and pink

Jil Sander pairing black with navy

Clements Ribeiro mixing lace, lurex and silk

Top Shop lace top, Prada skirt, Zara shoes


Anonymous said...

Ti ho appena scoperta e già mi sono innamorata del tuo blog!! Stile indefinibile, ogni look mi piace da morire. nessuna pecca, sempre splendida!! complimenti! tienici ancora più aggiornate! ps. nel frattempo ho guardato tutti i tuoi vecchi post! ciao ciao.

Anonymous said...

Another great look Laura and an inspirational post. Love the fashion pages in the new Red issue too!

Can I just ask... I'd love to know how you get your hair in a pony tail that looks 'grown up'. My hair is long like yours and dark brown (I have a little Italian blood in me too!) but usually if I do a pony tail it can looks so flat and boring and it falls as the day goes on, whereas yours is high but grown up and sophisticated. I'd love a little hair fashion advice! I know it's not relating to garments in fashion but i wanted to ask you anyway.

A WIT Fan! x

Michelle said...

Totally in love with the lace!!! Oh and the Colour blocking of pink and orange! I'm learning my fashion terms! X Michelle

WIT said...

Ciao girls! Happy Monday! Thank you for all your comments always love hearing what you have to say. Looking forward to a busy week and to show you lost of style inspiration. See you tomorrow! xx Laura

Veebers said...

You left out black and brown = approved!

I hate fashion rules. I blame Trinny and Susannah :-o

I love mixing up stripes and patterns, lace with chunky knits, ladylike with mannish details.

Winner outfit btw! <3


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