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Monday, 31 January 2011

Unexpcted good buys

This Zara coat has been a great unexpected buy, one of those I haven't spent a fortune on and that from time to time I pull out and think: "this was a great purchase!".  I would usually say to invest in a grey, camel and black coat but a pop adding a pop of colour  to your array of winter cover-ups it's definetly worth it. A stand out colour like my red coat brightens up any outfits and is something you can integrate int your SS wardrobe too. 

Zara coat, Gap denim shirt, Marni skirt, Chanel shoes


momben said...

mi piace molto la camicia di jeans, รจ versatile e in questo outfit lo dimostri. mi piace molto anche la combinazione di colori.
ti aspetto sul mio blog, se ti va.
ciao www.momben.com

Unknown said...

The coat is gorgeous :) And it suits you perfectly!

ooh-lala blog said...

i agree with you: this coat was a great purchase. I love it!

Red Phoenix Style by Willow and Lotus Phoenix said...

I love the press stud denim shirt as work-wear!! I could never quite bring myself to do 'double denim' but I like this!


Reddest Roar said...

Love the raw edge of the Marni skirt and the denim. Every winter I say I'll buy coats in neutrals...but I always end up with something in a rich jewel tone!

Anonymous said...

I love bright coloured coats for winter. I think they're perfect simply because everyone else will be wearing dull black, grey or camel. It also brightens up the complexion and makes the winter weather seem less dreary!

Unknown said...

I adore the red coat and it works so well with denim and grey. This is a really good combination.



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