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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I'm in Paris today!

Bonjour WIT readers! Late evening update as I've been up since 4m and haven't had time to update today's post. It's been a wonderful day and those of you that follow me on twitter have probably seen bits of it. Last night was drama-ville as I didn't what to pack from my two day stint in Paris... so I resorted to a chic trench and my favorite Chanel accessories. It doesn't get more French than this. So here is how my dau unfolded....

4.00am Alarm goes off
4.30am Get in a cab to King's X station 
5.25am Paris Eurostar
6.00am breakfast (croissant was delicious!)


9.00am arrive at Gare du Nord
9.15am quickly dress in my room where some of my most treasured accessories see the light of day: Chanel navy satin shoes with star buttons, Chanel metallic star print bag shoes and Prada gold gloves..

9.45am Meet the RED team in the lobby and off to Chanel. I giggle at "Madame Laura Fantacci" (one for the frame..)

The show was at the Grand Palais and it's a beeeautiful day

10.30am The catwalk is huge and models walk up and down from both ends of the room. There's a volcanic theme, black gravel and white smoke creates a magical mist. Fabulous!

Another few resees and then my 4am wake up call-jet lag kicks in and I can't remember anything until after lunch, when we headed to a YSL rese. The show was beautiful and it was really exciting to see it all for real..

a bit of YSL landscaping

And some of the beautiful clothes and accessories from the YSL showroom

After YSL (a bit delirious) I head out for a little walk down Rue St Honore and bump into Colette for Chanel pop up store, Lanvin, Hermes, Sandro, Maje... all my favorites. But I'm really looking for is a chemist, because I'm an avid follower of Gwyneth Paltrow's website, GOOP,  and in a post a while ago she recommends fab products from the French chemist.. 

so what do I end up buying?? Not a bag, not a beautiful pair of shoes... but this!

Click here to see Gwyneth's recommendtions


Rachel said...

I cannot describe how jealous I am. Hope you're having an amazing time, you look lovely and chic x

Veebers said...

Wel jel!! Have a lovely day x

Veebers said...

Wel jel!! Have a lovely day x

Unknown said...

ooooohhhhh, how exiting. you are a lucky girl!! :)

la tiquismiquis

Lea Sømod said...

God, I wish I was in Paris!

Lea Soe,

Dylana Suarez said...

You look so so chic!



Anonymous said...

WOW!... just WOW! Is it crazy that I even love the YSL tree?! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing day with us. Love it! x

Meera said...

Really have enoyed your Paris dedicated post and twitter pics today! You look chic as always and I especially love the fact that you went hunting for French pharmacy products as that's exactly what I would do! Do let us know if the beauty products you've bought are as good as they say! X

Joanne said...

I love your Chanel bag.. is it a limited edition?

lizzie said...

those satin navy chanel shoes... there are no words for how beautiful! :) x

Unknown said...

Just discovered you through Helena's blog and now officially obsessed...with you, this blog, your job...ALL OF IT~hoping you shop in the states, NYC, etc..too, so that I can run out and follow your lead!:)

beautyparler said...

A must stop...beauty products. Embryolisse a must-have.

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