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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WIT Wedding Wednesday: cellulite-free legs

Every year at beginning of April, I am suddenly reminded that summer is just around the corner and that bikini time is not-so-long away.  This year I have the extra inventive of wanting to look great on my honey money and wedding pics so I am extra aware. So for the 5th consecutive year, I am starting my beautifying anti-cellulite regime made of a little more greens, a bit of exercise and Fat Girl Slim. There aren't many beauty products I am prepared to sware by, but Fat Girl Slim is one of them. I am not quite sure if it's the every-day evening massage (I apply it religiously every night April through to the end of the summer) or the actual cream , but this product does the trick every year and I love it. This year I am also introducing a new tool of the anti-cellulite trade, the Fat Girl Slimulator which helps stimulate circulation whilst you shower.

So here's how I do it:
  1. Shower (twice a week with a good scrub- I love Clinique body sparkle)
  2. Massage sluggish areas with Fat Girl Slimulator
  3. Dry
  4. A quick feet-to-hearts dry body brush (I use an old body brush but Elemis does a good one)
  5. Apply Fat Girl Slim to thighs starting from behind the knee working way up to bum, hips and tummy.
  6. That's it


PinkVale said...

ma se questo fatgirlslim fa miracoli, si può reperire in Italia? (devo dire che, per pigrizia, non ho ancora cliccato sul link, spero si possa eventualmente ordinare e comprare on line) altrimenti, ci sono, secondo te, dei prodotti reperibili anche in italia che possano dare dei buoni riscontri in alternativa a questa panacea inglese? grazie mille, nel caso!

Becky said...

Lovely idea - not so calming if you are showing at 6am and the kids are watching though !!! I love the idea of a nice relaxing evening shower and paper session - I can but dream !

Unknown said...

@ValeF: i cari, vecchi fanghi d'alga GUAM e relative creme... sono imbattibili! Baci Laura!

Rini Stock said...

Good ideas for all us girlies for this Spring/Summer whether we're getting married or not! Fantastic Fantacci!

WIT said...

Hi girls! sorry for the late repy, I've been speking to the press office and you can buy and have it shipped anywhere in Europe if you buy here:
Happy slimming! I'm on week 2 and already seeing the results (but MUST apply EVERY night!!) xx

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