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Thursday, 12 January 2012

A touch of pink

I love a touch of neon worn with casual jersey and denim. Today I have a busy day of appointments and editing in the office so I've opted for a comfy layered jersey look and I'm wearing my favorite neon pink T-shirt. Add a touch of pink to your outfit with some of these favourite buys or opt for More great Neon buys here

Max Mara coat, Petit Bateau sweatshirt, J.Crew T-shirt, Lofli jeans, Christian Louboutin loafer and Chanel bag


Anonymous said...

sorry laura, I love it when you mix it up but this is too mixed up for me - the sweat is creased and with the MM coat and shoes its all just a bit too 'Hollywood star dashing out for a pint of milk!'
Still i love your courage in putting things together. Dont despair at the 'fails' on this one.


I love your look
kisses from prague

Anonymous said...

Yep, sorry hun, no amount of Chanel bag makes up for not putting the iron over your top.
Off to buy some dotty Topshop trousers this weekend, wish me luck! X

Veebers said...

Love the Shourouk necklace. Wowzers it's lovely. Not diggin' the outfit for once honey, but those shooooes, those shoooooes, i just utterly adore them so it totally makes up for it! Vx

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