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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm on a weather strike

Yep, I've decided I'm on strike. Until the weather in London keeps on being like this (15cm of rain forecasted in the next 7 days and temperatures averaging 10 degrees) I give up and  have nothing to inspire you with but biker boots and my January time coat. So depressing!


Style Souk said...

This made me smile, Laura.

Instead of unpacking my winter wardrobe, I suspect that my time might be better spent building an ark!

Come back to us soon...

Sarah x


Jane Bain said...

Don't dispear - just think of it as a great excuse to wear 'bright' colours. I've just bought a fabulous colbalt blue long sleeve tshirt from gap - ok I'm currently wearing it with a thermal vest, but it's bright and fun and cheering me during our cold tropical weather!

Natalia said...

Weather in Ireland is the same and my mood is same as yours. I almost cried when I had to take my, few weeks ago dry cleaned, winter coat out. Even chocolate cake that I bought yesterday and ate all of it didn't change anything :(

Maki said...

I totally agree with you!! It's horrible wether....:(


Ana Laura said...

I'm longing ro see your looks and posts again!
Ana Laura from Brazil

Jo Entwistle said...

Hi Laura,

I don't blame you! It's put me in such a bad mood all this rain and given me a headache.

I'm hoping you've been inspired this morning when the sun made an unexpected appearance although I'm told it is apparently disappearing again for the rest of the week. (But I'm not so bothered about that as I'm off to NYC for work on Weds for 5 days where it will be warm and sunny. And I'm going to check out J Crew so I'll bring some back with me. Can't wait!)