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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New issue of The ICONS Update: winter holiday packing special

One of the things you asked me for in last springs feedback were more life style features that included travel, packing tips, advice on where to eat, stay and shop from around the world. So for this issue of The ICONS Update we thought we would do a travel special with advice from team Wardrobe Icons on four winter holiday destinations from around the world. 

Think of it as our way to ease you into the holiday spirit.. there is nothing better at this time of year than imaging getting away and packing a lovely suitcase filled of fashion and beauty buys! I'm already planning what to wear at Christmas and New Year and all the things I want to do back home in Florence. And you don't just get advice from me, Petro brings you to South Africa whilst our newest recruit contributing editor Deborah Brett packs the perfect bag for a skiing holiday to Arosa, and special projects editor Polly Chamier shows you how to make the most of a UK stay-cation.

Hope you enjoy the issue!

1 comment:

momben.com said...

Ciao Laura,
adoro il martedì!
mi sono gustata il magazine stamattina appena arrivata in ufficio, ancora prima che tu scrivessi il post.

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