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Thursday, 20 November 2014

The silk shirt

I find cotton shirts a but tricky to wear, unless they are cut in a way I can't even explain, I never like how they sit on my chest and the collar is either super tiny or looks a bit funny on me. To overcome the fact that I can't wear most (cotton) shirt I've recently discovered the power of the silk top. They kind of "glide on", they have a smooth sexy look and are much easier to wear than cotton ones. I particularly like V neck shaped ones (i.e ones that don't button up to the top) like the Equipment ones, and also bib front styles that have a somewhat slimming effect. Today I'm wearing one I bought from J.Crew that I selected fro Wardrobe ICONS (that has now wold out so I hope you managed to get yurs) and selected a few more worth a look.

1 comment:

momben.com said...

Sono d'accordo, la camicia di seta non ha eguali...però questo outfit mi fa rabbrividire, è lontano dalla mia freddolosa quotidianità ;-)

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