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Thursday, 28 January 2016

WIT mama Friday: the only maternity jeans you need

First time around, I was pregnant in the summer so I got away with lots of pretty dresses and sandals. This time around I've started to show in the depths of winter I've been forced to rethink my wardrobe quite drastically. I find it impossible to look particularly good in layers covering a bump, so early on I made the executive decision that this pregnancy was just going to be a "practical" one on the clothes front. On my list were jeans, good bras, long sleeve T-shirts and then I could just wear my oversize jumpers with the lot, also I was determined not to spend a fortune. I went to Topshop and tried on all the different maternity jeans they had and bought two pairs of jeans to take me through the winter. For every day I bought the 'Over The Bump Leigh Jeans': they are essentially a pair of leggings, super comfortable and with an over-the-bump band. 


For my "cooler" days I got the 'Jamie Ripped Jean' - with cut off knees and to which I've cut the bottoms to make them perfect to be worn with flats. They have a low slung, elasticated band and are better to be worn with T-shirts and blouses because you don't get the over-the-bump effect. 


They are both really comfy and come at a reasonable price, I probably prefer the over the bump style a little more because it doesn't rise down but the ripped pair is a little cooler and looks great with a pair of heels. I suggest upping a size, so if you are usually an 8 go for a 10. This is what you will mostly see me wearing in the next couple of months - I promise I will go crazy once bump is out!


Maureen said...

Many many years ago in my first pregnancy I wore heels. I fell over because of course your weight is distributed differently when you are a different shape. Fortunately I "only" sprained my ankle and no harm came to the baby but I was on crutches for a long time, not fun when you are pregnant!!
So it was flats only for numbers two and three. I know you love heels - I'm a long term reader- but do be careful!

Unknown said...

Laura, you need these H&M dark grey skinnies in your life. Trust me, they are brilliant! I have two pairs and literally don't wear anything else at the moment (I'm 34 weeks). They're not online but you can find them in store. They're like a washed out black and sooo good with heels! http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0300024006.html

fzillion said...

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