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Friday, 28 January 2011

Leg work

I know some of you have been looking for my same HM leather paneled skinny trousers with little success, so I did a little leg work for you and found some alternatives online now. Happy week end!
HM leather leggings, Cos top, New Look boots

1- £279 from Farfetch CLICK HERE
icon2- ASOS has a great selection CLICK HERE
3- £39 Top Shop CLICK HERE

Wear with...
 Oversize jumpers
Grey marl t-shirts
Grandpa cardigans
Flat ballerinas
Lace up boots
Cool trainers
A smart blazer

Leather jackets
Revealing tops
Platform heels
Shrunken t-shirts
Too much make up


Anonymous said...

Love tour tip s ! D aria

Anonymous said...

Me too!
Laura from Milan

Anonymous said...

OMG love that cos top again!!!! This season????

Iona said...

Thanks! This was just the thing to persuade me that I just HAVE to have a pair of these- I've been dithering for months, but if I wake up on one more morning and put on a pair of jeans, I'm literally going to die of boredom! So the Topshop ones have been duly ordered...

Esther said...

Really helpful as usual wit! Loving the suggestions on what to wear and more importantly what not to wear!! Would like to see more of these, thank you x

Unknown said...

This is a great look, I love the top, it's an amazing shape.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Had no luck finding these in my local H&M, so ordered the Topshop ones yesterday - they arrived this morning and I love them! Keep up the good work - you are an inspiration!

Siena in Style said...

thank you for your inspiration. I really admire your ideas!
I staerted my blog recently and now im gonna take the 30 for 30 challenge-mix 30 items in 30 days!You can have a look;)

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