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Monday, 21 February 2011

LFW style challenge day FOUR: inject some colour

8 am- Wake up
8.45 am- Leave my house for a morning in the office
9 am- On the tube write today's Red blog (read here)
9.30 am- At my desk
9.31 am- Catch up on email, open mail, skim through invites, approve a few pages, flat plan July issue, email my editor, speak to my dad, boyfriend and grandmother about forthcoming trip to Italy.
12.30 pm- Pret soup with baguette at my desk
1.45 pm- Last minute addition of ASOS yellow satchel to my outfit
1.50 pm- Lucy takes my picture outside the office
2 pm- Get the tube to Somerset House
3 pm- Todd Lynn starts
3.45- Three fashion girls in contributing fashion editor's Deborah Brett's mini car trying to get to Burberry on time...

4.15pm- Fail and have to beg bouncers to let us in 
4.20pm- Succeed and catch the last few tunes and snow finale of the fabulous Burberry show (can't see a thing but the music and atmosphere is so gorgeous I almost want to cry)

4.30 pm- Get snapped with my fashion director and senior fashion assistant Alex by the lovely Netaporter girls

4.45pm- Back in the mini to Paul Smith
5.30 pm - Finish (GAP foldable ballerina's go on)
6.30 pm- Back at home
7.00pm- Shower, scrub, face mask (boyfriend out), Marks and Spencer's cashmere lounge wear.
7.15 pm- Couch, sushi delivery and watch Burberry show live stream here from my very own front row

Today's STYLE CHALLENGE trench look
BANANA REPUBLIC trench £150 click HERE

ASOS yellow satchel £60 click HERE 
(sold out but there is a great alternative)


Anonymous said...

tell me more about those fabulous shoes please Laura!

Anonymous said...

So enjoying your new detailed blogging style...

Thx for continued daily inspiration. Long may it continue!

Meera said...

Loving your look today Laura! And I love it when you do behind the scenes posts too! X

lucylou* said...

Love the necklace - can you ID for me please thanks! Ps I saw Tommy Ton photographed your turquoise belt - it's posted on style.com! :-) Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

you do casual chic SO well :)

Deborah said...

Ciao Laura,
The link to the satchel doesn't seem to work, but I love it, could you point me in the right direction?

WIT said...

Ciao Deboarha, oh no it sold out! I've added a new link for a great alternative. Hope you like it xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skirt, is it in the stores yet? x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous. and you are so tanned! do you use self tan?

love the detailed posts too - i must say your blog really stands out from the multitude online. love the way you incorporate trends and yet make them look classic and anything but 'fashion-victim'.

Veebers said...

I agree with the above poster. It's so lovely to see a blog where you're fashion foward and you're nodding towards trends (that suit you) but you are still keeping it accessible and not surrending to every fashion whim, regardless of whether or not it suits you. You're such a stylish lady!

Anonymous said...

The yellow satchel is back in stock on Asos.com xxx

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