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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

WIT Wedding Wednesday: your wedding dresses

First of all, thank you to each and everyone of you that has taken time to send me your photos.. It's been such fun to look at all your dresses and happy smiles on your wedding day! I've had an overwhelming response and it's been really hard to cut it down to my favorites. There's pant-suit dresses, floaty Grecian pleats, 40's shilouette's, Lanvin's, Jenny Packham's and some vintage brides too. I really hope you enjoy today's inspiration directly from other WIT readers.

(This won't be the last of "WWW-Your wedding dress" because I have enough photos for another couple of posts), so keep them coming and email me your photos (preferably alone and where your dress shows in full) at: wearingittoday@gmail.com


secretstylist said...

A HUGE thank you for including me, all those dresses look fabulous, good luck with your hunt! x

Unknown said...

I beg your pardon, but... Some dresses are too much low-cut at the front or at the back.
A wedding in not a cocktail party, a gala or an Award Night.
My ideal wedding gown is simple, chic, not too much revealing.
Some mistery is more exciting, isn't it?
Anyway, "de gustibus"... :)
Laura from Milano

anto said...

assolutamente stupendo!!!! e grazie!!!!!!anto

Meera said...

Love the wedding post today! But are doing any more? I missed out on starring in today's post:( X

WIT said...

I think all these brides are very chic and tasteful

michelle said...

These brides look gorgeous!! Its hard to see there dresses from the beautiful smiles! My favourite is the top left one :) Love Love Love XXX Michelle

Míriam Juan-Torres said...

Wow, they all look so beautiful :)

Kelly Rounce said...

Thanks for including me Laura! I think all the brides look absolutely amazing. My little bridesmaid is extremely excited to be pictured on here!

@Laura58 Your wedding dress is only about what you want and if that is low cut at the back or front, so be it! It's your chance to feel like you are on the red carpet! Once you get engaged and find "The" dress any notion of what you had in your mind before goes out the window (well that’s what happened to me!).

Neifile said...

You absolutely must look at patterns of Vera Wang!


isabelle said...

Thanks for including me Laura! And THANK YOU for coming with me to my fittings last year!!
Can you believe it's already been a year???
Can't wait to see you in white

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