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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

WIT Wedding Wednesdays- Beauty special: things to do in timely fashion


Fact- unlike Cindy, Carrie and Marilyn for most of my adult life, in photos, I've tried to pose showing the right side of my face only.......
Right.. right.. right..

Because of two, most hated, protruding moles that looked more like a bit of dirt on my face that have always made me feel really self conscious, (OK- I may exaggerate a little, but I really did hate them).

I'm not one for cosmetic surgery (never say never, but not just yet)!) so for years I'd been thinking about having them removed but never got around to it thinking it would be painful and invasive. Nevertheless when I got engaged, I decided that at least on my wedding day, I didn't want to worry about my two friends showing in photos and decided to look into mole removal.

Now, face is not something to be messed around with so I sat down, did my research and found out that micro-excision (no stitches) is the most effective way to remove moles without leaving a scar. So early December, just before the Christmas holidays (with not a hint of tan on my skin,) I checked into Medicetics for a consultation with the wonderfully knowledgeable Doctor Mullan. Unlike most surgeons, he had the patience to sit down with me, explain every part of the procedure and reassure me on every aspect on the process.

What happened next (on the same day) was so quick and so painless that for the past 2 months I've been wondering why on earth I hadn't done this years ago. I was in and out within 10 minutes an dafter 3 days could take off the small plasters. Eight weeks in, my scars are almost completely healed and something so simple has made my whole skin look so much "cleaner".  So if you have a mole that is bothering you definitely look into this.

In it's this video, Doctor Mullan  exactly what happens

What happens during the treatment?

  • The area to be treated will be cleaned and then numbed using a local anaesthetic.
  • Micro-excision (no stitches): using a blade, the mole is shaved off flush or slightly below the level of skin. Any bleeding is stopped either by using an electrical instrument to cauterize (burn) the area or a haemostatic solution.
  • Excision by cauterization: a fine laser is used to remove the mole in several thin layer.

Here I am happily make-up and mole free!!

For information about mole removal and all the other treatments at Medicetics see below
Connaught Street Clinic

Tel : 020 7402 2033


Anonymous said...

Aw, good for you ! They didn't look bad at all but I'm glad you got them removed if they were making you unhappy. You are a really lovely girl and I wish you all the best in the future.

momben said...

Complimenti ti sposi!!!!!
ne avevo avuto sentore...mi sembravano troppo strani i post sugli abiti nunziali.
A quando l'evento? quest'estate immagino!

Anonymous said...

You still show your right side even after getting rid of the moles, maybe its habit to not show your left.

Anonymous said...

Can you do a perfume post? thanks

Anonymous said...

I think to say they look like dirt on your face is not very nice. they're how you were made, everybody has things that make them different, and you may see it as an imperfection and you should definitely do what you want to make you happy but to imply moles are all horrible and ugly is not very nice.

Tee said...

Why do people post mean things. I don't understand bitchiness and putting bad energy out in to the world.

Good things happen to good people. Spread the love and be kind, life is short.

Keep up the good work WIT!

Montseta - Montsecosecose said...

Your post about the moles have encouraged me to take a doctor appoint,emt to remove them. I was afraid I would get a scar forever but after seeing your results...
My moles are in my cheekbone and what started as two tiny freckles have now developed as two big witch moles (or at least I see them like that). Thanks.

Moi said...

Thanks for posting this, I've got a mole that I've wanted rid of for a few years but have been worried about scarring. I'm definitely going to book an appointment!

WIT said...

taking my moles off has been the best thing I did and has made me feel really good about my skin. x

Laura said...

Only just seen this post. I am moley AND freckly and I have to say that I hate them. Most people think they are pretty but actually I would love to not have any ever again! When I was 13 I had a mole removed from my forehead (just between my eyes) and they took the stitches out too early so it opened up and healed like a chicken pox scar. I see it everyday and I can imagine that it is the first thing that people see when they meet me for the first time. Anyway, my point is, I wish I had known about this. I would love every single mole on my face removed. I'm sounding like I look like a witch - it's not that bad. They are part of me but in an ideal world, I would love a flawless face.

Molly said...

Dear Laura, congrats on your pregnancy - beautiful news!
I have two small moles on my face I too would like removed before my wedding, which is in exactly 2 months time. Would you say I have time for the scars to heal? I know yours took 8 weeks or so. Thanks so much -
- wishing you all the very best,

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this!

I'm actually getting a mole removed by Dr. Mullen on Thursday and am very nervous.

My mole is the same type as yours were but a little more skin coloured and bigger. It lives right under my nose right now and I hate it!

Seeing your before and after photos has really put my mind at ease that I am doing the right thing :-)

Roll on Thursday!

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