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Friday, 21 October 2011

Wardrobe swap-over

I'm wearing socks for the first time in months today and although it's a little sad to say goodbye to bare legs for six months, I always love spending an afternoon swapping  my summer clothes for my winter ones. It's a lso a great opportunity to do a bit of a wardrobe clear out, give away things that you don't really need/wear anymore and to make a menta list of things are missing (so you don't shop for useless stuff). I like to put the music on and  spend a an afternoon at the week end getting things organised and here is how I do it.

You will need:

1. Storage boxes- I love Ikea's Skubb range. They are foldable so you can store them neatly when you don't need them and are large enough to fit a lot of clothes and be stored on top of your wardrobe.

2. Labels and marker-  I write a little description of what's in each of the boxes and then stick it at the front where I can easily read it. I have bad memory and thsi saves me so much time if I'm looking for something.

3- Scented wardrobe sachets- because they are just so nice! I love these Orla Kiely fig-tree scented packs. I would use something like this for my summer clothes but a  moth repellent for the winter and all my wools.

4- Dedication- I make separate boxes for all my clothes so that if I need to find something really quickly (pack for a winter hjoiday maybe?!) I know exactly where to find. I also like to make a separate box for SPRING things and HIGH SUMMER as for WINTER and FALL. I fold all my clothes into the boxes (not too crammed) and then label them at the front.

 5- Step ladder- To store everything neatly at the top of your wardrobe! I like to have all my clothes in one place so I don't go mad looking for things. If I had more space I would probably store all the boxes inside a separate empty wardrobe.. but space is an issue in my flat!

6- Stall from Ikea- After months of debating and researching affordable shoe storage I bought these shoe cabinets which are fixed to the wall in my entrance hall. They fit flats and mid-heel shoes perfectly but heels get a bit tricky. 

7- Shoe boxes and / polaroid camera- I store all my "precious" shoes in their own boxes and stick a  photo of them at the front of it. It looks pretty and it's super practical! Winter shoes at the top of the pile and summer shoes at the bottom- swap over according to season.

Swap over done!


Meera said...

Love this post - think this is what I'll be doing this weekend, using your guide as a ref! One question though - where do you get your polaroid film from? X

ZEPETIT said...

Great ideas!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Adoro i tuoi post! Daria

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING I like more in life than amazing storage other than maybe...stationary, or spa'ing.
Love this post!

WIT said...

Ha ha! we're all slightly OCD?!?! ;-) xx

Kimmy said...

I have exactly that cabinet, it's fab! I have also styled it with my first ever pair of shoes on top of it. I'm now 43 :o)

Sarah said...

Random question but have you had any probs with moths before? I didnt really know they existed until early this year when I discovered some of my woollens and cashmeres that I didnt wear last winter due to being preggers had been eaten :( Missioni wool hat too :( Have you any advice/tips that your picked up?xx

Anonymous said...

way to go!..organising your stuff and all.

I am doing similar as well.

by the way- you can also swap some of the clothes you won't need anymore on our online swap forum. Do check it out.


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