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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My sanctuary

There is one place that is simply my favorite place in the world, more than SPA's and more than any shop, one where I can get lost in my thoughts, take long relaxing bubble baths, play with my make up, listen to music whilst getting ready, and that place is my bathroom. When I got married and moved house I was lucky enough to move into flat where I got my own bathroom (bliss!) and since then I've been creating a little sanctuary of relaxation...
One of my favorite things is taking long baths with gorgeously scented products, one of my favorite is a milky soak  which smells absolutely divine and the name is just so convincing!

I only have a regular size bathroom but I've invested in a Jacuzzi bath tub (not that much more expensive I was surprised to find out!) and it's amazing! It;s like having your own little SPA at home...

I love swimming and being at sea.. so my bathroom's decor has and underwater and beach feel to it...

  I collect sea shells and put them in big glass jars on shelves

I also have a collection of fish, I got these candle shaped ones in Capri on my honey moon.

This comes all the way from Mexico!

I use Dermaogica products every day - my favorite is

My auntie hand embroidered a set of towels for me- it's such a special gift...

I couldn't fit my dressing table in my previous tiny flat but I finally got it back and I am so happy! It's much more than just a place where I get my make up done...

I have photos of special people, happy memories,  postcards from exhibitions I loved and cut-outs of photogrphers that inspire me. It's like a growing life-moodboard! 

Some of my favorite make up

I sware by Shu Uemura black eyeliner, it's the best I've ever used Shu Uemura painting liner £20. And I love YSL's Le Rouge Pur Couture and Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick Compact £30.50 for a bit of facial glow!


I LOVE anything at Bliss Spa  my favorite products at the moment are the scrubbing lemon+sage  body soap bars and the "cellulite stimulator"... I'm such a beauty junkie!

Another favorite scrub is the Organic Pharmacy Cleopatra's Body Scrub- it smells of roses and is very effective, leaves skin soft and clean.

I keep all my make up in Muji stackable plastic boxes and label the contents. Obsessive (I know) but it saves me time and i always find what I need in no time!

I travel a lot and sometimes from one day to te next- so I always have my make-up and wash bag ready to go with all the things I need. I keep travel size products from hotels so that I can carry them in my handabg. I love Anya's travel pouches and I am building up a small selection of matching product.

This is my Ikea two-sided box of nail-stuff: one side holds all my polishes and the other all my tools..

And when Ive had a really long day and I want to give myself a real treat I use Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream £20
My scents: Prada's Fleur d'Orange and Jo Malone 

And my favourite relaxing scented candle

And finally, I love mt storage! I get my white wicker containers from John Lewis and arrange them on my shelves. John Lewis has a great selection here


Anonymous said...

Continuo a seguirti e ad amare i tuoi post!

Redcliffe Style said...

Your space looks gorgeous and inspiring. Time to reclaim my bathroom and organize my makeup.


Anonymous said...

Which Dermalogica products do you recommend? I want to put some on my Christmas list but there are so many to choose from x

Claire said...

Laura - what a lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Ahh You are so tidy!! How I envy you!! :P
Nice topic!!


Luxx Mint said...

Love this post, I like being nosy in other people's homes!

The doll on fashion

Style Souk said...

We have a Villeroy & Boch bathtub - as deep, seemingly, as the ocean - and relaxing with beautiful rose-scented products, candles, and Red magazine (of course!) is perhaps my favourite indulgence.

I would love to have my own bathroom, something tells me they are the secret to a long and happy marriage... ;0)

Sarah x

P.S: Laura, I bought my December issue of Red last week and adored your Christmas gift pages. The 'Bespoke' section has given me so many wonderful ideas - thank you!


taffetaramblings said...

I love love love this post!

I also think your bathroom should be relaxing and a calm oasis away from everything.

the pictures are fab and I have Diptyque envy xxx

Anonymous said...

Ahh lovely, really envy your private bathroom. Share mine with hubby and all my two year old's plastic toys :(

Cristina Elle said...

E' meraviglioso il tuo bagno, adoro i riferimenti marini *_*

momben said...

la linea di dermatologica si trova anche in italia? carinissima la tua personale spa, la scritta relax รจ bellissima.
ciao momben.com

Siena in Style said...

i just love your pics!
kisses from prague!

Anonymous said...

...ogni cosa al suo posto, ogni posto ha la sua cosa...!ma quante cose hai!!!!e' il bagno delle meraviglie....

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