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Thursday, 19 July 2012

WIT's Baby Fridays (on Thursday): a little Bonpoint detour in Paris...

Last week when I was in Paris, I had a couple of hours free to go for a little shopping. I knew I was going to be on a  tight work schedule, so I did my research ahead of the trip and already knew exactly where I was going to go. Whereas six months ago I would have headed directly to Isabel Marant and Merci for the July sales, this trip saw a different Laura...

The fabulous interior of a Bonpoint shopfloor

I love French brands and so does my friend and editor of Little Spree Sarah who kindly recommended a few affordable must-go-to shops. Amongst these I was fascinated to learn of the Bonpoint permanent sale shop in Saint Germain, which happened to be just around the corner from my hotel! I obviously know and love Bonpoint but I could only afford to shop there for special occasions, so you can imagine my happiness when I found out that on top the "permanent sale" price there was an extra 50% off! As a result I went a little mad and bought some very, very cute things... I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl so I just had to buy for the eventuality of both ;-)

Look at my happy face.. I haven't been this excited since the last time I went to the outlets in Florence.. what's happening to me!?!?

Here's a few pics of the shop floor with racks and shelves packed with baby and children clothes (0 to 4yrs) - make sure you make a note of this address for your next visit to Paris:

Bonpoint permanent sale shop
42 Rue de l'Universite'(7me)
Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm


 If you can't make it to Paris do check out the beautifully designed Bonpoint website, at the moment there is a great sale on that makes everything very affordable. 

Even if you don't buy anything it's worth having a look at it because it's so beautifully designed and you can get so much inspiration from it. I'm currently working on WIT's Pinterest page (where there will be a Baby section) and have pinned so many gorgeous interiors, fabrics and baby outfit images.

 Some of the effortlessly cool outfits fro the website


Gift ideas..
I LOVE the little onsies  that come embroidered with the days of the week in French

Now time to take a look at a few things that made it into my shopping bag. I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl, so I just had to buy some for both cases. The thinking behind it is that some of my friends may be getting lucky soon..

If it's a GIRL... I love the flower print bloomers cotton and the lime green cotton sweathsirt jumper (that could also work for a little boy with beige trousers)

If its a BOY... I got this pistachio green knitted jumper with chestnut t-shirt and check bloomers (which could also work for a girl paired with a little pink something)

My gorgeous friend (who is convinced I'm having a girl) got me this smock top


Finally don't forget to take a look at their newly launched baby and mother perfume and skincare range. I love the baby cologne- smells so heavenly and I can't wait for my baby to smell of it!

More products from this range, great for presents!


Emma Wornout said...

I adore Bonpoint,everytime I see their clothes it makes me want to have another baby!

Maya Griffiths said...

I love your blog Laura but from one mother to another, putting perfume on a baby is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Love love love Bonpoint :-) my boys were once dressed head to toe in it (10 years ago ) before it was still pretty much unknown here.... Thank god for my chic French friend who bought me the first outfit as a birth gift for my first son, then I was hooked & nearly bankrupt ;-)
I can just imagine how divine Baby Bonpoint Cologne must smell but I do agree with not putting on bambino... Stick to all chemical/paraban free baby products (i wish they had been available 10yrs ago) You can always spray baby blankets & clothes instead !
You look stunning with your pregnancy.... It really suits you

WIT said...

Don't worry girls it's only cologne, it's the same as putting cream on a baby and Bonpoint has thought about everything.. check this out http://www.bonpoint-boutique.com/en/perfume/

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