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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fancy dress WIT

Happy New Year WIT readers! I've had a lovely holiday back in Italy and started the year in style dressed up as Margot from The Royal Tenembaums at our New Year's Eve "Cinematic' themed party. It was such a fun night and the theme was brilliant because you could dress as so many different things: movie characters, Oscar winners, directors ecc.. So I thought I would share some photos from the night, who knows you might be adopting the idea for your next costume party!

My husband and I decided to go as a great cinematic couple: Margot and Richie from The Royal Tenenbaums.  I'm a huge GP fan and loved her style in the movie, I didn't cut off my fingers but I did flounce a fake cigarette around all night and tried to keep a straight face in every photo.

And here we are! Complete with depressed face for every photo!

It was actually quite an easy look to recreate, I borrowed things here and there and only bought the Lacoste dress which I actually really loved and will wear again in the summer. Make up was super easy: lots and lots of black eyeliner and smudgy black eyeshadow applied with my fingers. A pink hair clip completes the look with slick straight hair and a side parting. Here's a little mood board of all the things you would need to get the Margot look.

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LG said...

Loved you as Margo-the Twitter pics were really funny!

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