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Thursday, 16 January 2014

WIT mama Friday mini magazine: the Boden edit, Greta's ragu and a tripto the Zoo.

Welcome to the first of a monthly series of WIT mama Fridays mini magazine, featuring some of my favourite finds, shopping ideas and mama related things. I hope you enjoy it!


Mini Boden

I'm always excited when the Boden catalogue comes through my door, and since having Greta I love it even more. The new S/S styles are out and I got there early as I often find myself disappointed when my favourite styles sell out. This year there's a lot of what I love: liberty prints, hints of neon and a little bit of sparkle. Here are my recommendations and a few things I bought for Greta for the coming Summer.

All available from Boden.co.uk

New favourite toy

My sister gave Greta this wooden toy for Christmas and she can't seem to get enough of it. It's a wooden box with four holes where you can either push or knock through the coloured  balls with a hammer. It's  bit loud but she loves the action!

 New brand alert: Woodstock

My friend Sarah told me about this gorgeous brand and I am now obsessed with their liberty print bows, pom pom clips and gorgeous alice bands. I also realised that the pom pom headband I bought in Paris last fall, thinking it was an exquisite French find, was infact from this British brand. Get ready for hair accessories heaven.


I've talked about Zulily before, the daily deals website where you can find anything from Marie Chantal to Amelia up to 70% off. Their email update comes to my inbox every morning and whilst Greta has her milk in our bed I love trawling through the day's deals. It's totally hit and miss but this week they had some great  brands. I got Greta this sweet dress down to £19.00 from £56.00

Mum uniform update
Whilst I was on maternity I established  a practical meet style on-duty uniform and to this day I pretty much stick to this formula: jeans and a cashmere crew neck. A cool logo jumper, being it a slogan or a fun logo is the perfect on trend update for your daily jeans.

A fun day out

A bit of an obvious one, but good for a reason. I will never forget Greta's face when she saw a real Giraffe for the first time! Perhaps wait for the warmer weather and team with a pic nic in Regent's Park though.. Admittedly a January trip to the zoo wasn't the best of ideas.

Greta's Pasta al Ragu'

I can't take credit for this recipe as Greta's nanny (who is Italian and amazing cook) has come up with it under my strict guidance of no salt, no sugar and lots of vegetables. Greta loves it so I thought I would share it with you.

250g Organic lean mince beef
half a small onion
1 small carrot
1 small courgette
Organic "passata di pomodoro" (available from Waitrose)
A few leaves of fresh basil
2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil
On a medium heat saute the finely chopped onion in the olive oil until soft, if necessary add a little water. Add the chopped carrot (I make my pieces really small to avoid risk of chocking), courgettes and the raw meat, stir until the meat is brown. Cover with the liquid tomatoes passata, lower the heat and cook for 3 to 4 hours stirring occasionally. When all the water has evaporated and the sauce looks rich take off the heat and stir in some fresh basil. Let it rest until it cools down. The secret with ragu is that the longer you cook it for the tastier it is!


The Apple Market said...

Ciao Laura! We stock C&P in the boutique where I work and I'm very tempted to buy this beautiful sweater! I love as well the one with the hearts and the one with the little colorful stars.. I'm very undecided! :)

Esther Zimmer said...

Hello Laura! I've been a long-time Red reader but I only just discovered your fabulous blog (although I have been following you on IG for a while, I just took my time getting here *hangs head in shame*). It's just wonderful and although I'm not a mum myself, I love today's post - I've got two little nieces that I adore and lots of friends with little ones - so these kind of posts are perfect to help me come up with ideas for play, clothing and food! Esther xx

Anonymous said...

Top tip from a mummy with older children. Grate the carrot / courgette into the pasta sauce to make it even finer. I also mix it up by adding celery, pancetta, butternut squash etc. Mine still eat variations of this aged 8 and 5! Love the blog! x

Fashionmumof40 said...

I absolutely loved this post Laura - I am off to check out your Mini Boden Picks,I already earmarked the swimsuit & matching sunhat, when I had a quick flick through the other day. xx

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