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Monday, 27 January 2014

The skirt that rocked my world

I recently did an interview for www.refinery29.com  which I instantly agreed to be in because it was all about closet organisation, and I can't get enough of other women's wardrobe tips! I must admit that, when it was published last week, I skipped right through my interview and passionately read all the other style insiders. 

In this great feature the lovely Olivia Philips (www.newfavouritething.com) writes: "We asked London’s neatest (and most stylish) ladies to open their wardrobes for us, and reveal the storage tips they swear by — from colour-coding to clever jewellry storage solutions. Oh, and there are drawer dividers galore. Ahead, advice from five women who have transformed their closets into works of organizational art, one velour hanger at a time."

Read the entire feature here

For the shoot I wore a House of Holland skirt, teamed with my J.Crew merino Tippi sweater and my Miu Miu glitter pumps. Since that day I have literally not been able to stop thinking about the skirt. It's a show-stopping, red silk,  drop waist peplum skirt that is a fashionista's dream. Not many places stock it yet, but I've found it at Urban Outfitters and I am oh so tempted.. Wouldn't it make the perfect WOW skirt for the upcoming shows. I think so.

 House of Holland starburst skirt £300

1 comment:

Nicky said...

Hi Laura . Think that skirt is a keeper... Read your article whilst in the hairdresser and thought a) you look stunning and b) why does my wardrobe look like a bad bring and buy sale! I came out of the hairdresser with two resolutions, to buy your jumper and to sort out my wardrobe. In hind sight the thought of tackling said wardrobe is far too traumatising so will just have to settle for the jumper! Oh the things I have to do ;)
Can you tell me what colour yours is and how the sizing is... I think I am about your size so would appreciate your thoughts on whether their clothing is true to size. Many thanks Nicky

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