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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The crisp white shirt how-to

My sample sale Stella McCarteny white cotton shirt is getting it's first outing today with the simplest of combinations: denim + pointy flats. My tip from the heart is to buy one, quality, thick cotton shirt and treat it well - it will last you a long time. Don't wash it with the rest of your laundry, iron it till crisp and always hang rather than folding so that it's always wear-ready. Next sale, clock a really good quality designer one (Jil Sander, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney and Equipment are all great staples) and make the investment. Here are three of the best and why worth putting them in your wish list:

Jil Sander Cotton-poplin shirt £290 wear with: tailored trousers or jeans jeans. The small collar will look great buttoned up and adorned with a statement necklace. I love the concealed buttons.

Victoria Beckham Denim Cotton-blend shirt £265 wear with this is the perfect snug shirt to be worn tucked into a full skirt and rolled up sleeves.

BLK DNM 50 cotton-poplin shirt £140 wear with the longer back panel make it the perfect leggings and leaather trouser shirt.

The OVERSIZE Shirt EXTRA LONG SHIRT £146.00 good for the beach belted or left opened.

Just add...

The fab Sophia Webster for J.Crew (from £240.00) has finally landed. What better shoe to add to your shirt + denim look? My eyes are on the star print kitten heel...

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a perfect look!

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