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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The flat that makes me feel like I'm on heels

I have a little (big) crush on my strappy Aquazzura flats and simply want to wear them every day. It may also be because I had te pleasure of meeting the designer duo behind this made in Florence made brand, and they are such lovely people that the association of the two puts a smile on my face every time! This is the flat that makes me feel like I'm on heels minus the hassle (let's face it) of commuting on stilts, and I am literally obsessed with it. I know they are pricey but believe me that cost per wear they are totally worth it, so start saving up. 


Sam H said...

Lush! Really couldn't justify the price though!

Honey Go-Lightly

WIT said...

I promise PROMISE they are worth it xxx

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