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Monday, 25 August 2014

The black bikini from Eres

I have often thought that I could probably survive a beach holiday with little more than a selection of black bikinis. Here in Tunisia I've been wearing my two favourite ones from Melissa Odabash (strapless with a gold disc at the front and on the briefs), and from Heidi Klein (with straps in photo above) - it's just one of those timeless pieces that is so worth investing in. My sister was given by her boyfriend an Eres one piece for her birthday, and on this holiday I've been admiring it every day.  She looks amazing in it and the quality of the fabric feels so thick and expensive (matte not shiny!), it looks like the sort of thing that will last for ever. And then comes the cut, it's just so well cut: it sucks you in in all the right places, holds you in like it's a little piece of beach couture.. how's this possible with so little material? Well it just is and probably explains why an Eres bikini or swimsuit is so expensive. So next year I've decided I'm going to invest in an Eres black something - cost per wear it's definitely worth the price tag. I have my eye on this one...

Eres Les Essentiels Show bandeau bikini top £155 and matching briefs £90

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