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Thursday, 21 August 2014

WIT mama Friday: Greta's trolley sweep

I told you that I didn't just shop for myself on my now infamous trolley sweep at Marks and Spencers... I got Greta a whole lot of things for this year and quite a few for next year too! I was so impressed with the selection, they had this gorgeous white tunic with neon embroidery (perfect for our Tunisia trip) that looked like Stella McCartney Kids, the perefct shade of dusty pink little pleated top, glitter shoes, retro print skirts... I went crazy!  

The good news is most of the things I got her two weeks ago are now on sale, the bad news is that they are going quick - so get them before anyone else does.  I didn't link the page to the product because I was afraid it would be sold out so just go in the girls and baby section and look for your favourites: Marks and Spencer Kids

Happy WIT mama Friday on a budget!

All available from Marks and Spencer Kids


mama'sVIB said...

Lovely selection Laura. And, love that picture of you both and GZ crossing her legs like you - so sweet. She needs her own WIT wall so we can see what she is wearing everyday too!

Looking forward to hearing about Petro and your new project and wishing you lots of success.

I love Mama Fridays - please don't give them up


Unknown said...

I love your matching poses in the top pic :) I miss out on these lovely girl clothes only having a boy. She looks so cute in her outfits x

Unknown said...

Hi Laura. Great post! Can you tell me where Greta's hat and bloomers are from in the second photo?

Many thanks!

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