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Friday, 12 September 2014

Have you been in... Whistles lately?

This season I am skipping almost entirely all fashion weeks - Petro and I are too busy with the #witproject and we need to put all our energies into getting ready to launch. However, this week end end I have two events I've decided to go to attend and both of them require a "bit of an outfit". I'm not buying anything new for them (I can't I can't I can't) but that doesn't stop me from popping my head into a store (or two) and trying some things one for you

Whistles maxi dress £650
So I happened to be in Whistles and spotted quite a few fabulous thing starting with this black, asymmetric maxi dress (too pricey for me but WHAT a buy!). It's super long at the back and then short at the front. I suppose you could wear it really smart, but I would dress it down and and wear it with a statement flat in the day. 

Leather culottes £395
They also had some amazing T-shirts, really simple but beautifully cut and of a great cotton quality plus a grey jumper that was really similar to the Isabel Marant one I bought last season (and still treasure today). And then of course all coats were so flattering on and I love the shoes and ankle boots too. I left with the leather culottes... Don't judge me! 

Black leather culottes £395
Longline split end T-shirt £40
Tila pointed mule £155
Motoko black maxi dress £650
Masa knitted grey jumper £175
Julia textured navy coat £350
all from Whsitles


SpexJo said...

The maxi dress is beautiful but (and it's a big but), no high street store should be charging £650 for a dress...

Unknown said...

I purchased a pair in Canada from Pink Tartan and women stop me to ask where I got the culottes and how much they love them. They have quickly become my favourite pants.

Unknown said...

I featured those leather coulottes in my blog for Ideal Mag! Great minds think alike :) xx


PoppysStyle said...

Oh lordy those culottes are amazing! Darn it - I love, love, love them but do I need more leather?! I have an obsession x

Unknown said...


Love your blog!

Do you mind me asking where your jumper is from? Super cute!



silvia said...

Superlativa, come sempre. Ho un vecchio abito Asos tagliato come quello che hai indossato tu. Inizialmente l'ho messo la sera, con gran tacchi, ma quest'anno ho deciso di indossarlo di giorno, con sandali basici bassi, capelli raccolti, e una borsa a sacco un po' hippie. L'effetto è piaciuto tanto, a me e, stranamente, anche agli altri.
Continua così, sei fantastica. Tanti auguri, sinceri.

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