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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dresses with sleeves

S Max Mara denim dress £255
As it often happens (a bit too often actually), I was shooting for this week's issue of The ICONS Update and ended up being the one to shop from my own shoot. Thing is, I LOVE this dress. It's easy, it's comfortable, it's a bit different and it's super practical all at once. 

In my dressing room with some fabulous dresses to try on
I can see myslef wearing it a million different ways and I've already started yesterday at my friend's birthday BBQ in the garden. I wore it with a leather jacket and trainers, and today I'm wearing it with my Valentino flats and a trench coat. Plus Greta thinks it's the best thing ever because she can hide underneath it and play hide and seek ;-)

Not the only one loving my new dress!
 Over on The ICONS Update in the mean time we concentarted on more day dresses to take you through the season in the city, all with sleeves, because they are that little bit chicer and also not everyone likes to get their upper arms out.


1 comment:

carmen said...

Sei incantevole ! e poi, da italiana, adoro Max Mara ...é così classico ma con un twist !

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