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Friday 1 May 2015

WIT mama Friday: the things you really need when you are having a baby

Almost three years into the mother's thing, I've come to a better understanding of where I originally waisted money in a buying frenzy, and where my purchases were real investments. There are things I bought when Greta was a baby that I still use today, and some others that in my recent move I looked at and thought: "I wish someone had told me that I was going to use this for two days".

In an effort to be that someone, I'm attempting to tell you what, in my experience, I found incredibly useful and what, in my opinion is worth investing in when you are having a baby for the first time.

Ergo Baby
I bought the Baby Byorn to begin with, because that's what everyone had and what I was probably suggested. It hurt my back and only really works with small babies. Ergo Baby changed my life and I still use it today on the back with GZ - a saviour when I travel with her alone.

Baby Cook
Who new that a simple little steamer could be so very useful!? I look at my friends that are boiling veg's away with a little smug smile. Baby Cook steams, not boils, anything in up to 15min. Steaming is better because it retains the vegetables vitamins up to 80%!! Plus, I use it myself when I fancy a quick lunch. Oh and it blends as well so when you get to weaning stage it's a one stop shop.

Uppa Vista pram
I remember the day I started the search for the prefect pram. All my mum friends had the Bugaboo and I was so torn because one thing is sure, it looks good but what I didn't know at the time is that eventually (and fast enough) you actually won't care, and practicality so takes over. I wanted a sturdy pram - I didn't care for lightness and being able to fold it into my cabin luggage compartment. They don;t let you take it up anyway and you will very seldom have to carry it by yourself. I opted for the Uppa Vista System - it's like a range rover, it goes everywhere: sand, cobbles, up and down stairs an it's got the biggest shopping compartment underneath. I love it, I more than love it I think it's brilliant!

Nappy disposal unit
If you think you can survive without it.. good luck!

Children have lots of things. If you think you can get away with travelling light or, even share a suitcase with a baby you are wrong. I bought Greta a real suitcase early on and it's been one of the best investments I've made. I also went a bit extravagant and bought her an Anya Hindmarch overnight monogrammed canvas bag, but you know what, I use it all the time and I look super stylish when carrying all her stuff on my low cost flights ;-)

Travel Cot
My husband and I are so smug when it comes to our travel cot. Petro  was always one step ahead of me when we had the kids but on the travel cot front we so beat her, and the biggest satisfaction when after bragging about her own, she ended up buying ours. Reasons to love it: it's the easiest thing to put together (literally in 3 moves) and packs almost flat, and it's one of the lightest on the market. Greta still uses it today. Couldn't recommend it more.

For me it was a question of looks as well as practicality and longevity. The Stokke highchair looks acceptable, comes in lots of colours to match your home decor and grows with your baby. Greta loves hers! 

Just my humble opinion, but I hope this helps! x


Emily said...

I'm only eighteen weeks pregnant and this is SO useful. THANK YOU.

Louise said...

Would agree with on some points but after 3 kids never had a nappy disposal system have never missed it but maybe I didn't know what I was missing and I love my bugaboo 3 kids on 9 years and going strong through travel & all terrains but I do think the Uppa baby has a better undercarriage for storage and with babies and kids very much needed!

PS GZ 3 �� time flies!

serena said...

Adoro questo genere di post! Sono alla 39esima settimana, Ergobaby e tripp trapp sono già nella lista delle cose da comprare, prendo nota del resto ;)
Grazie Laura!

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