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Monday, 14 September 2015

High street alternatives: Valentino VS Topshop

J.Crew shirt, Current Elliott jeans, Bally bag and Topshop shoes

Okay I realise they are don't quite do Valentino competition but, I tried on the Valentino's in Harvey Nichols last seasons and despite L O V I N G them I really couldn't bring myself to spend almost 1K for a pair of shoes! Still, I have been thinking about that cool, all black fringed pair since last winter and when I saw this similarish style from Topshop I had to get them straight away! I got them in blue first, then changed my mind and sent them back from a pair of black ones (still on their way to me). They are quite the statement shoes so mu suggestion is to keep the rest of your outfit uber simple with denim, a white shirt or a little black dress.

Topshop fringed court £52


StyleGuile said...

Gorgeous shoes Laura; great find. Love the bright blue (and the black!) And you're right, £1k on a pair of shoes...ouch! These Topshop alternatives are fab though :) x

Josie said...

Unusually for me I actually prefer the high street version! They look great, I love how casually you're wearing them x

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