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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Scrapbook from my J.Crew event

Last Wednesday, and exactly one year after the opening of the same Sloane Square store, I hosted an evening of champagne and shopping at J.Crew in London. It was a fun night where readers could take advantage of 20% off and shop for a special stripey T-shirt that you could monogram on the night. I wore a sparkle lurex pencil skirt, powdery pink velvet sandals and a St. James T-shirt with navy LF on it.

These events are the highlight of my year - I absolutely love meeting WIT readers, catching up with the ones I've met before and seeing so many beautiful, smart, intelligent women all in one room. Thank you for taking the time to attend, for being such loyal and avid Wearing It Today (and Wardrobe ICONS) readers and for coming up to me with so many kind words and also great, constructive criticism!

This post is dedicated to all of the readers that couldn't make it to the event, I know there are many of you that don't live in London,  and I promise that next time I will think of a way to make an event more accessible worldwide. Somehow!

Laura x

Photos by Eva K. Salvi


Ellen Prior said...

Hi Laura, what size is your strip top?

Tanya Jackson said...

The event looked amazing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you think of a way the next one can be more accessible worldwide :-)

Tanya (@ www.highflyerstyle.com - High Flyer Style, without the High Flyer bank balance!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like such an amazing event in sorry that I couldn't make it. Monogrammed stripes? Be still my beating heart! x

carmen said...

Dalle immagini sembra proprio che sia stata una serata fantastica!
tu sei sempre splendida.....si dai pensa ad un evento accessibile "worldwide"!

Rachel Parker said...

Laura, how can I come next time? Do I need an invite..I'm a very regular reader! Rachel

Camilla Nazeri said...

Hello! Laura I've been searching for your pink heels but I can't find them in any Jcrew! Are they still available?

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