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Monday, 7 September 2015

How to mix high and low

I have a lot of beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories, but if you scroll through my posts you will see that very rarely I wear head to toe designer preferring to mix cheaper, High Street pieces with more expensive designer investments. And this is for two reasons: number one I can't really afford designer only, and number two I think that mixing it up creates a much more individual look. The secret is all in finding the right balance, which is obviously easier said than done. So today's post looks at some of my past outfits and the formulas you can apply when dressing up yourself. Hope you find it useful!

Make believe - I wore a pair of blatantly Dolce e Gabbana bejewelled slingbacks to a wedding this week end with a "make believe' Dolce spotty dress that was actually from Marks and Spencer. Unless you are amongst fashion experts nobody will ever know and you will have created a very designer look for a fraction of the price (and without trying too hard).

Pair a high street dress with designer shoes - from time to time high street dresses are just as good as designer ones (especially in the summer when cotton is just cotton!). To give it a more expensive look, always pair it with designer shoes.

Wear an expensive coat over jeans and a sweater - A good quality coat (and I mean something like a cashmere maxi coat or a sleek tailored overcoat) will instantly make any outfit look expensive. I find that a Burberry trench could be worn over a pyjama and still make you look chic!

Wear a denim jacket over your pretty dress - this is a trick that I use all the time. Not only does it instantly make your dressy items more wearable in the day, but it also adds a cool and laid back effect to your outfit.

Invest in a pair of designer jeans - something recognisable, like my favourite MiH Marrakesh flare. You could be wearing a Topshop T-shirt with them (or a Madewell blouse in my case), and still look the part. (Okay so it also helps to wear a designer bag ;-) like my Chloe Drew...)

Throw a fun clutch over your all black look -  weather it's designer or not (this is my Prada cookie monster) a fun clutch instantly lifts you head to toe ensemble and gives your look a bit of  a 'lift'.

Combine designer bag with casual inexpensive shoes - No one will ever think you are wearing a  pair of £19.99 Mango espadrilles when your bag is a little designer flashy, so don't be afraid to wear your Chanel or Chloe bag with your Mango lace up shoes this winter.

Finish off your look with a pair of designer sunglasses - Even when you are wearing basics like jeans and a jumper, a pair of designer sunglasses will make your outfit look more expensive.

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