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Friday, 30 April 2010

3 day WardrobeChallenge number TWO: Jumpsuit

I've seen my two fabulous work colleagues wear them and never dared to follow, but in my 3 day wardrobe challenge all is allowed, so here I am in a jumpsuit-  this one is from Zara and it's in store now. I paired it with my "grown up" blazer and dressed down flats for an understated look. My verdict is that they are so comfy it matters so little if they look good..

Balenciaga navy blazer, Zara olive green jumpsuit £35 (in store now), Primark ballerinas, Chanel bag


Anonymous said...

ma fino a che età si può indossare qei pantaloni?rsvp anto

Anonymous said...

they do look good!
I might convert!

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