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Friday, 9 April 2010

The CC factor

Hall of fame alert! Up to now,  these are the items that make up my wardrobe essentials, the ones I cannot live without and that I would truly suggest all my friends invest on: the trench, the stripy t-shirt, the cardigan, the navy skirt and ballerinas. There are obviously many more to come, but at this time I would like to introduce another one of my all time favorites: the Chanel 2.55. If I could choose one bag for the rest of my life, it would be it. Perfection to me comes in the navy leather, double flap 2.55, but I wouldn't mind a metallic one and a jersey one too. The CC factor,  as I like to call it, is the power of a 2.55 to transform virtually any outfit into a chic ensemble. As Carry would say: "It's not logic,  it's love"

Balenciaga navy blazer, Cos T-shirt, Zara leggings, Pretty Ballerinas navy flats, Chanel patent 2.55



Liz said...

Chanel = classic style - can't go wrong with your look honey...and wierdly I'm wearing a similar outfit today too! Minus the CC factor unfortunately - maybe a little request for my birthday in July!! xx

Anonymous said...

naturalmente.....I love it!!! what about if you CANNOT afford a Chanel bag?....any suggestion?

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