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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Nip and tuck

I've had this fabulous, Burberry golden mac hanging in my wardrobe for  three years, before I understood the reason why it never once saw the light of day. And then realised that it was simple: it was too long- it made me look short and frumpy,  nothing looked good with it. So I took it to my trusted tailor (I wouldn't let anyone else near my Burberry), and had it shortened to my FH-spot* (flats and heels length), that perfect length of something to suit both flats and high heeled shoes. This has tought me a lesson: no matter how amazing something is, if the fit is not right, it's going for a nip and tuck. 

Burberry golden mac, Benetton stripy top, Mango jeans, Zara sandals

*P.S I've been asked where's the FH-spot, and it depends on leg proportions- so everyone has their own. Mine is just above the knee bone.


Unknown said...

So tell us what is the perfect FH-spot?
HM Sere

Anonymous said...

ma come sei bella amoremio...s

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