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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ibiza Travel Special part 2/2: where to go

I've spent just over a week in Ibiza and loved it. It's a really accessible, beautiful, green island with great food, secluded beaches and fun nightlife. Bare in mind this is not a clubbers guide to Ibiza.. rather an alternative to a more quiet, beach/food/sunset-drinks kind of holiday. And now, back to sunny London!

My favorite Ibiza things

To stay (authentic): Can Pujolet, St.Agnes. Nina, the owner, is the most welcoming hostess and made us feel completely at home. The property is gorgeously tucked away in the northern side of the island, the rooms are immaculately clean and simply, yet impeccably decorated. There is a beautiful walk to a view point near by, yummy breakfast, wonderful service and super friendly staff.  www.canpujolet.com
To stay (luxury): Jardins de Palerm, St. Josep. Really beautiful, slick, modern hotel although to experience island life, I prefer something a a bit more authentic. The breakfast under the palm trees is rather delicious and the two pools gorgeous. www.jardinsdepapalerm.com 
To eat: Hamon Serrano and Pimentos de Padron just about anywhere.
To lunch: Es Torrens. The Atun Marinado is amongst the best fish I've ever had and the pineapple dessert is just something else. www.estorrent.net
To dine: Es Xarcu'.  Right by the sea, really cute, authentic beach style restaurant with great fish.
To breakfast/brunch: Croissant Show in Eivissa. Yummy croissants, great selections of breads and the perfect spot to then walk up to Dalt Villa (old town). Croissant Show
To beach chic-chic: Es Torrens.  I loved this little beach, the chairs are a bit expensive but totally worth the day at the beach especially if you have lunch at the restaurant. www.estorrent.net
To beach surfer style: Agua Blanca. The weather wasn't great that day but I loved the relaxed atmosphere and beach hut restaurant. A bit of a treck but worthwhile. Also great, Cala Boix.
To beach in tranquillity: Cala Carbo'. Small and secluded little cove with beautiful crystal clear water and great snorkeling. One of my favorites.
To beach watching sunset: Cala Benirras. 
To people watch: Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal. Also great mohitos and amaretto sour.
To watch the sunset from the island: Sa Pedrera. Stunning view with Es Vedra right in front.
To see: The villages of Santa Gertrudis, San Josep, Es Cubells and Eivissa old town (Dalt Villa).
To shop: Sluiz on the road from Eivissa to San Josep, the beach shops on the various beaches, Antik Batik in Eivissa town and Intimissimi for lovely underwear at a better exchange rate.

Can Pujolet hotel main hose 
The pool with the breakfast area
Our room in the Can Pujolet grounds
Le Jardin du Palerm hotel
Breaskfast under the palm trees
Doing my homework for next season with Spanish Vogue
Hamon Serrano every day!
Es Torrent beach and restaurant
Tuna Marinado at Es Torrent. Yuuuum!!

Cala Carbo- one of my favorite beaches

Agua Blanca beach
At Cala Boix beach surfer style!
People watching at Blue Marlin
Es Vedra' rocks in the middle of the sea
Sunset from the top of the island at Sa Pedrera
this Rough Guide was a great help


Meera Shah said...

Thanks for a fabulous and in depth post on Ibiza! I have been meaning to go for a while so I am going to make your post a cut out and keep guide! Loving all the ode to summer looks too! Hope you had a great vacation! x

gilliangibbons said...

Have loved your holiday postings! They have brightened up a lot of dull, rainy days over the last three weeks! The clothes have been inspirational as ever and it's good to get the insider view on where you've been staying!
Can I request a WIT on wearing belts? Have tried to replicate the way you've been wearing your thin tan belt but can't quite work it out!

gilliangibbons said...

Loved the holiday postings - they have brightened up the all too many rainy days over the last three weeks. Thank you!
Can I request a WIT on how to wear this season's belts? Really like your thin tan belt - can you demonstrate how you tie it and any other tips on wearing this season's accessories?

vacances en espagne said...

I like the post !!!!
While reviewing the post i gathered deep and good knowledge about the Ibiza.This knowledge help me during my visit to Ibiza.I planned to spend my summer vacation at Ibiza.Hope u had a great experience in your trip and u enjoyed it well.

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