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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A day in my life..

7.45am alarm clock go off. 
I never manage to get out of bed before 8.00 Why oh why is the bed just so comfy in the morning!?!

I open my cupboard and think: "What shall I wear today?" A quick look outside at the weather always helps make that decision. Today it's sunny and bright and I opt for an A-line grey wool dress from Joseph with thick tights.

'm usually almost ready. Make up takes five minutes: tinted moisturiser, a bit of bronzer, mascara, lip balm and this week I'm having and eye liner moment. Love this Bobbi Brown one I got sent- it's like a precision marker pen for your eyes!

Next question is: "What shoes today?"

I'm opting for my Chanel biker boots- I've got a busy day of running around and can't do heels...

I'm out of the door! (most days...)

I've downloaded the cheesiest Michael Buble Christmas album last night... but I LOVE it and listen to it on the way to work. .

train to work. SQUASHED like every morning. Thank goodness Michael is keeping my spirit up!

I have a breakfast meeting with the lovely girls from The Gap and Banana Republic press office at a great London breakfast spot called Automat. It's like an American 60's style diner- fabulous!

Here I am with my colleague Emily RED's new addition to the fashion team. She is the Executive Fashion and Beauty director- very complicated job.

I have boiled eggs and soldiers- yum!

 I'm back at my desk- I open my post (we get a lot of post every day) catch up on email (we get a lot of emails every day) and get up to speed with my amazing assistant Lucy. We decide what's the plan for the day, I look at proofs, finalise and sign off pages and start working on my pages. At the moment I am working on the April issue!

Lucy is the shopping section co-pilot and a lot of the pages you see in Red are of her creation. Like this one in the January issue which I LOVE

And here she is!

Off again- in the lift on my way to a lunch meeting

I jump back in a cab back to work.. My cab driver is hilarious and tells me all about the celebrities he has driven in is life time (I don't know half of them..)

Back at my desk and it's head down time. I'm doing a tricky page called "Shoe or outfit?" which is all about one investment piece or a whole outfit. It's a really fun page to do but getting the prices to match can be a bit tedious.. so I'm stuck in the fashion cupboard planning it out

Tea time and a little fooling around.Meet a few more of my Red colleagues. Here is Alex, senior fashion assistant at Red. Her job is assisting our boss, the fashion and creative director, styling the fashion openers, accessories shoot and much much more. Alex has amazing style, is the single most tidy and organised person I know and is a little busy bee, but more on her very soon....

Lauren and Koulla are the fashion interns and are such a joy to have around. Here they are with their infamous style.com mood boards calling in looks for one of the contributor's fashion shoots next year...

I'm off to meet my husband for dinner and movie just the two of us before the family invasion tomorrow. But before I go I get an amazing early Christmas present from Dior. I'm so excited because I think I know what it is!

And it is. It's the Patrick Demarchelier Dior couture book!

7.10 Bus time to meet my husband. I love taking the bus home- gives me a chance to call my friends, read my personal emails or just do nothing. Tonight I call my Nonna and chat all the way to the restaurant.

From the window I glimpse outside... everything looks so festive, I love London at Christmas! 

Sherlock Holmes and brain off here I come!

Home and goodnight x


Anonymous said...

Un post adorabile, as usual.
Buon Natale Laura!

Sally said...


Annalisa Babysan Laterza said...

Ma che bello!!! :D

Veebers said...

Lovely to have an insight into your day! I wish I'd persued my dreams and were doing now what you do! x

momben said...

troppo carino questo post, come il tuo viso solare e così italiano che risplende nella fumosa londra.
ciao momben.com

Tass said...

Loved this post. Great read x

Anonymous said...

Bellissimo post e bellissima giornata. Buon Natale!

Anonymous said...

Almeno vedo cosa fai! Brava bellissimo anto

Anonymous said...

I recognise the 2.30pm taxi rank! its the M&S Head Office where I work - SUCH a small world.

Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

What a fabulous account of your day. I'm truly envious! It's great to read about someone who truly enjoys her work.

Meera said...

Hi Laura, simply LOVE today's post! X

BCN Fashion stylist: Mogadore and me said...

Beautiful and funny post, I just met your blog by chance and its amazing. Love your way of writing and how your describe things.
Following from now , as i´m a fashion stylist too but in Barcelona. :-)

Lonely Greenshoe said...

Davvero carino questo post!

Anonymous said...

How can your wardrobe be so small Laura!? please do a post on maximising combinations of clothes that you have - I know I'd find it inspiring!
Wishing you a very merry christmas and health, wealth and happiness in 2012 xxx

Cat said...

What a really fun post! The nosy side of me loves a peek into someone else's daily life...

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it - you have a new follower :D

Cat xxx

WIT said...

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments|! missed posting over Xmas xxx

Anonymous said...

Where are your wardrobes from please? I really like the drawers in them.

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