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Thursday, 17 October 2013

WIT mama friday: children shopping in Paris

Bon Ton
I was in Paris last week end. As I boarded the Eurostar on the way back to London with not a single thing for myself yet a bag full of stuff for Greta, I realised that  as exciting as "grown up" shopping can be, with Isabel Marant, Iro, Maje and Sandro every other corner, these days there's little you can't also fond in London, which to me is a huge turn off. On the other hand  what's really amazing and often totally unique is children's wear. In Paris you can find little gems like Talc, and be surprised with the affordable selection in Monoprix. I love everything about French children's wear: the pewtery colour palettes mixed in with just the right amount of print, the old fashioned shoes, the divine hair accessories... Not to mention the store experience that is often like walking into a fairy tale, Bon Ton in the Mares and Bon Point in Saint. Germain being two stores worthwhile visiting, even if you don't buy a thing. From Bonpoint's permanent sale shop to Bon Ton there's something in for everyone, so here's my lowdown of the best that Paris has to offer.

£ Affordable
££ Somewhat affordable
£££ maybe a hair accessory...
££££ even socks are too expensive. Worthwhile visiting for outfit inspiration though?!

Talc (££)
I particularly love the accessories in this tiny boutique in Saint. Germain. I'm always sure to find a quirky alice band or a glitter dusted chiffon "barrette" (French for slide) for Greta. I love the clothes too: beautiful prints and unexpected fabric combinations. This  time I bought a little wrap around faux fur gilet which Greta can wear under her jacket or as an alternative coat when in the pram.

Du Pareil a Meme' (£)
You need to do a bit of rooting in here, it's not all gorgeousness as you walk in like most other shops. There's a lot of dodgy prints and loud colours that are not my taste but in and amongst that you can find some great basics like leggings, jersey tops and cute cardigans, all of which I got for Greta this time. It's really cheap (6 Euros for leggings, 15 euros for a 100% cotton cardi) so makes it a great place for bargains.

Monoprix (£)
If there's one place you must go to that's got to be Monoprix. They are scattered all around Paris so ask for the one nearest to you. Word on the street is that their own brand Boutch'Ou is designed by an ex Bonpoint staffer, all of it at supermarket prices. Greta lives in their cute knitwear and liberty print blouses. Sadly it only runs up to 2 years so make the most of it while you can. 

Bon Ton £££
The Bon Ton store experience is one not to be missed. There's a bit of everything: clothes, accessories, nursery furniture, a bazaar of nick knacks and even a photo booth for extra fun. The clothes in Bon Ton are a bit "cooler" than in Bonpoint: think Bonpoint but scruffier. I love the store in the Marais store and its the sort of place where even kids have fun in.

Bonpoint permanent sale shop (££)
42 Rue Universite (Saint Germain)
The shop assistants are very snob and unwelcoming but if you can get past that, you might get hold of a bit of Bonpoint  at a humanly price. Really worthwhile going in June/July and January doing the end of season sales because you have sales over sales. I went before greta was born and got some lovely things. (see here for older post )

Bonpoint (££££)
I rarely buy anything from Bonpoint out of the sales, I just can't justify it but it has to be said: they are my favourite and what Greta is given is always a favourite. I love to look around in the store, get outfit inspiration and smell that distinctive Bonpoint baby scent in the air. The new Saint Germain store is enormous and totally gorgeous. 

Bon Marche (££)
What I love about this liberty style department store is that everything is under one roof: Petit Bateau, I love the shoe department with a small but impeccably edited range of children's shoes. I got Greta a pair of old fashioned winter lace up booties from French brand Little Rose. Expensive, but the Euro to Pound exchange rate worked to my advantage.


Laetitia said...

As a French mom-to-be, you can imagine how long and how often I go to Monoprix ! I just love their clothes : classical but not to much, affordable and so so sweet ! I bought the same blouse (in 1 month) for my baby girl ! :)

Have a lovely week-end ! And can't wait to see the result of your shooting with Candice Lake ! ;)

Anonymous said...

WIT blog, I walk past Bonpoint in New York every week purely to admire their window display and get styling inspiration for my two girls. It is such a thrill to find Bonpoint-a-like pieces on the high street.

Anonymous said...

All very lovely, but not sure its worth a trip to paris to buy baby clothes when they grow so quickly... Most people on average salaries probably couldn't afford the luxury. I think unless I was just passing or on holiday I would be more than happy with a UK store :) x

GlamRosie said...

I agree, we are so lucky here in the UK with what our shops have to offer. Love the little boots, so so cute x

WIT said...

Don't get me wrong! I wouldn't go to Paris just to shop for my daughter.. it was actually the first break I had with mu husband since Greta was born. But, since I was there.....

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