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Friday, 25 October 2013

WIT mama Friday: First birthday party

I never imagined many things about motherhood, but  this one I really did not see coming: that I would care so much (let alone have the time of my life), organising a one year old birthday party! But yep, hands downs I loved every minute of it. I spent hours looking for inspiration on pinterest, deciding on a theme, getting the decorations, and making up party bags. It was my daughters first birthday but also a huge milestone for me as a mummy, so I wanted to celebrate in style and I had the best (slightly emotional) day. So much so, that I wanted to dedicate a WIT mama Friday to a "behind the scenes" from Greta's first birthday party and share all the lovely things I found for the day.

My inspiration
After Greta's liberty print Christening feast, I really wanted to get away from pastel colours and I wanted something bold and fun. I found the image above on Pinterest when searching circus themed parties and it became my little all-in-one mood board. Greta loves animals and I thought a circus themes party would be perfect!

My interpretation
I chose red as my main colour and bought plates, cutlery and napkins from my local £ shop, it's amazing the things you can find for £1! The cute stripe paper napkins were from a party shop in Westfield. I ordered Schelich animals from Amazon, they are expensive but we got to keep them and Greta will play with them for a long time.

We had Greta's party at her godmother's house in London. I didn't go overboard with decorations, a friend of mine with two children gave me the best advice and told me to go with lots of balloons.

I bought dozens of red and yellow ones from a £ shop and invested in a few super shapes foil helium balloons to really wow my little ones. I handed them out when the children left the party, they were a hit!

Ikea circus tent £17
The circus tent is from Ikea and was a great buy. I had no entertainment but a box of toys and the tent provided all the fun my 15 little guests needed! 

My home made caper mini pizzas
Food wise we kept it fingery food with home made mini pizzas, a selection of quiches, chocolate chip cookies and drinks.

For the little ones we had unsalted home made pop corn, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, Ellas fruit pouches and a jar or Organix treats.

Greta had pop corn for the first time and loved it!

Cake wise, and after much thought, we decided on Hummingbird Bakery "made without" Red Velvet Cake which spelled "Make a wish GZ" with a star sprinkler on top.

We also had a selection of carrot cake cupcakes that I decorated with sparkly star topper from Ginger Ray on notonthehighstreet.com.  Greta ate a whole cup cake  a whole one and had her very first hot of sugar!

Sparkly Star Cupcake Toppers by Random Imaginings £9.50
And to finish the afternoon off, I made each child a personalised party bag. I bought the stripy  paper bags from one of my favourite notonthehighstreet.com party suppliers called Peach Blossom.

 Inside I put mini boxes of organic raisins, a balloon and a little Schleic animal. Girls bags were closed with a little glitter hair clip from Next. Boys got stickers instead! 
Bags from Peach Blossom


Fashionmumof40 said...

Greta's dress is Divine...... those schiel animals are fantastic and well worth the money ( superior to cheaper ones on the market ) by little boy collects them and my 1 year old is also playing with them. Thank you for the link to peach blossom just lost 20mins perusing and will be ordering some things for my little boys 4th birthday party in Dec & Christmas stuff. It looked a magical day . Xx

Liane said...

This looks like such a lovely day! All that hard work definitely paid off.
PS- I had to share this find from F&F! An embellished pencil skirt that reminded me of your Prada number. http://bit.ly/17NPUUk

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog & it's giving me lots of inspiration as I delve through my wardrobe every day wondering what to wear! Where is your white birthday party top from?

GlamRosie said...

Hugely rate £ shop for bits and bobs! And I have the same circus tent, Ikea is the best! Looks like a successful day all round, well done you for pulling it all off x

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Have you looked at Pipii website? They have great stuff for parties, similar to Peach Blossom but more choice.
Lovely pics, great party, beautiful little girl!

Lucy S

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