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Friday, 1 November 2013

WIT mama friday: Greta's nursery

I didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl, so to start with I kept Greta's nursery neutral with shades of white and beige. I bought a polka dot bed spread and matching curtains and started adding bits and pieces only after she was born, for the exception of a yellow Liberty print fabric curtain which would have not been appropriate for a boy however much I tired to convince myself and others! Here are some photos of her bedroom as it is today, one whole year after she landed in my arms.

A little overview when walking in through the door
Greta especially loves her bunny but most soft toys anyway!
I've been collecting cards of all sort with animals on them  and then framing them as cool prints.
She loves pointing at them!Especially at Walter the Whale
These accessorize wings are such a sweet prop hanging above her bed
Her wardrobe was always going to be my obsession. I keep it super tidy
and had a liberty print curtain made to close it off. The fabric is called
Claire-Aude and comes in lots of beautiful shades.
I painted the baskets with Farrow and Ball colours and now use them
to display and keep Greta's bedroom toys in
I use the hooks above her toys to display my favourite outfits

I love her pin board with all sorts of memories like our wrist bands
from the hospitals and fabric swatches from when I was doing up her room
This rocking sheep is a recent buy from Zulilly

I use decorative paper to stick photos of us and the family around
so she can point at us. We took this photo in Paris especially for her!
This was an old chair from my house in Florence which I had upholstered
in a coarse cotton stripe fabric from Designer Guild
Classic Liberty print fabric  is the them of Greta's room, I had this pillow made
when she was born.
This use to be her changing table, now I use it to display
her little things like bows and photo frames
The home made jams from her Christening, some of her favourite books and
Vogue from September 2012 (the year she was born)
I've been collecting sweet alice bands and hair accessories from ilovegorgeous.com for when she's older
One of my favourite photos of the two of us with London in the background.. if we ever move from
he UK I will show it to her and say: "this is the country you were born in"

The seagull hanging from the ceiling was mine, Greta loves to look at it
while I change her nappy!
Changing station and the wall I painted on a sleepless night when she was
one month!
One of the most beautiful gifts she received: liberty print alphabet letters
spelling her name
I got the felt stars from Little Nest Box at Notonthehighstreet
This was my gift to Greta when she was born from Modo Creative
The cashmere blanket my grandmother had made for Greta's birth and the
monogramming that my aunt hand made on it is a total heirloom
The mushroom doorstop from Jools Oliver Mothercare collection is
always coommented on!


Unknown said...

potresti fare l'interior decorator per bambini! bellissimo

Kathy said...

all this has moved me almost to tears - it's clearly filled with so much thought and loving care. Beautiful.

What Lou Wore 365 said...

GZ was born a year and a day after Elodie was :) Her room is quite beautiful, I love the spotty walls! The pictures of you and your husband are a great idea, the nursery asked us for a family picture and they keep in on the wall. Each time I pick her up she drags me over to show me "her" picture of Mummy and Daddy. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful. If I hadn't miscarried she would have been the same age...

Tanya Jackson said...

LOVE IT!!! So much thought has gone into making a dream nursery for Greta. I wouldn't mind that room for myself! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love Greta's true love pillow. May I ask where you got it from? And the polka dots on her wall....are they painted or wall stickers? A delightful little nursery!

Instyle.by.Helen said...

Beautiful. As a Mother of a little girl, who is now 5, I can confirm that the immaculate nature of GZ's bedroom will not remain like this. It is, however, adorable when they start to put their own little stamp and style on everything ( depending on how OCD Mummy gets ) H xx

Maya said...

Aww Laura, I love little GZ's nursery! My Mila (born in Feb 2013) has so many similar items in her room! I swear I wasn't cheating and copying ur purchases! lol I feel slightly smug now that I picked items u liked too :)

WIT said...

Hi girls, thank you for all your lovely comments and here are some of the things you wanted to know: pillow is from HM Home and the wall is actually hand painted with a stencil. I did it all myslef! And on a very sad note, to the Anonymous reader that writes about her miscarriage.. a big, warm hug from me. I was unsure if I should publish your comment but I didn't want you to thin I was ignoring it.. so wherever you are, all my love x

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much laura... I am glad you published my comment. I follow your blog for the styling tips- have done for years before you were even pregnant - as a Red reader and i love it. I didnt mean to make u feel uncomfortable but i typed my comment quickly from the heart without much thought - its been a sad day for me (its something you never forget) and i needed the hug thank you. I am truly happy for you and your little angel. Greta's nursery is the stuff of dreams. You have a beautiful life and family, you are a very lucky lady x

Agnes said...

Thanks for sharing this! Greta has a beautiful room. My son was born week before her and as I said before, I loved your ideas and style during pregnancy and love baby WIT even more! We all learn so much in the first months after having baby, but it does get easier with time:) ps. my son's room is never in such a good shape!

Anonymous said...

The nursery is so beautiful. Could I ask where you got the curtains from ( or the material ) and the bedspread?

Anonymous said...

Hi, so Nice to see how u decorated her room! Could you do a post about how you have decorated your living room? I would love to get inspired!
X Fatima

LG said...

Love, love, love Greta's room! Its so cute yet soothing. Re hairbands-she is going to have a ball dressing up when she's older thanks to you-lucky girl!

Unknown said...

LOVE the doorstop! I want it for my grown-up house.

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