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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The original peasant top

My mamma (and grandmother) are, to this day, two very fashionable ladies. I think I may have inherited a fashion gene or two from te pair and in the years I've been the lucky recipient of some amazing pieces from them. My grandmother grew up at a time where Dior and Chanel styles  could be bought as paper models and made by your own seamstress (the very same one that made my wedding dress), whilst my mamma grew up in the 70's and it is from her that I inherited a collection of these Mexican tops. I usually only wear them at te beach but the sun today has inspired me otherwise. 


Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

I love these tops so much - this looks fab with the cobalt skirt. I've got my mum to thank too - a love of make up as well as fashion! x

Unknown said...

...in th 70s I remember wearing that shirt, which is actually Bulgarian , with flaired jeans, wooden high heels clogs and lots of bracelets!!
but I love the way you style it!

Unknown said...

That's a gorgeous top, I have various Mexican tops I buy when visiting Mexico. I've never seen one like yours though : )

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