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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Have you been in... Warehouse lately?

Warehouse top £32 and denim culottes £42
I spend a lot of time trawling the net for Wardrobe ICONS - I mean a LOT! From time to time I stumble on a website and I think: "Oh wow! how many nice things!". Last week this website was Warehouse. I've made my purchases from Warehouse in the past (I loved my cashmere jumpsuit this winter), but I don't remember the last time I was actually excited by their collection. There are some amazing pieces on there at the moment: denim dresses, relaxed shirts, boho tops all with a really polished and grown up feel and at super reasonable prices.

I remember going to their press day last season and thinking that the quality and design of their SS collection was really amazing and coveting lots of pieces. Some of them are now in store adnd I wanted to flag them up. I've just ordered the off-the-shoulder Gypsy midi dress £28 (above), the Green trousers £38 and this Ruffle sleeve top £36  for my Summer box. I went through the entire websites (so you don;t have to) and here are my favourite pieces.

Denim dress £42

Shell top £35

Utility jacket £48

Gypsy midi dress £28

Belted shirt dress £48

Relaxed stripe shirt £32

Arrow earrings £4

Flare jean £42

1 comment:

Amy Blaz said...

hi Laura.
A picture of you and petra is featured in daily mail. You're both looking super stylish.

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