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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Statement knitwear

I know I've been banging on about easy-dressing in the last couple of days, but these last few weeks have been quite manic and I find it much easier to glam up a pair of jeans with heels and a bit of lipstick rather than being groundbreaking with my outfits! 
Another trick to breath new life to your favourite pair of jeans is having a stash of good sweaters, and make some of them a bit of a statement. I've been investing in quite a few this year and I know that I will wear them time and time agian.Mine is an oldie but J.Crew do a similar oneonline now.

J.Crew £98


Linda said...

Have been coveting these shoes for ages seeing you wearing them. Just got very similar pair in New Look for £23. Very happy loving the jumpers but am a " hot" person so have to go with a cardigan x

Mama Of Boys said...

Big fan of this, am off to check it out online. Thanks Laura!!


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