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Friday, 20 February 2015

WIT mama Friday: denim for our mini me's

I've only recently started to buy into denim for Greta, I guess it's a more "grown up fabric" that up to now I hadn't really considered, yet paired with glittery accessories (and a touch of Liberty print) it's one of my favourite combination. Today Greta and I are spending a day together with our cousin visiting from Italy and we are both wearing, as she puts it: "something jeans". She is really starting to notice what I wear often saying cute things like: "Mamma come sei bella!" (mamma you look so beautiful!"). Despite having tried I can't quite get myself to give to dungarees, so I;m wearing my new pair of distressed jeans from Day, but she looks dreamy in her Gap pair...

From top left:

Boden £24

Boden £26

Stella McCartnet £87 at Selfridges

Chloe £70 at Selfridges

J.Crew £49.50

Mango £3.99

Mango £4.99
Marks and Spencer £18

Marks and Spencer £16


Sara said...

I'm a big fan of denim for toddlers!

It's hard to find any other dark,resistant fabric that looks as good and holds up so well...

Your daughter is the cutest!

Sukriti Dahiya said...

Such a cute picture! :)


GlamRosie said...

Gorgeous photo of the two of you and I love the colour of your jeans x

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