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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Are MiH jeans worth the cost? Afraid so.

Lately all I want to wear are my MiH Jeans flares, they kind of make any outfit feel a little bit more special despite the fact that I'm just wearing jeans. A friend of mine recently asked me where she could get a cheaper alternative and usually I always have some ideas, but in this case I had to be honest with her, the Marrakesh is the best flare out there and any other good ones (like Stella an Vivtoria Beckham) are not any cheaper. I know that £200+ is an investment, but as with most iconic pieces they make up the cost with plenty of wear.  


Madge said...

They are beautiful jeans. Can I ask- what shoes do you wear with them?

Unknown said...

I love love love my mih Jeans and I agree with you they are worth the investment. However, I have always purchased mine in the mih sales. they have brilliant discounts. So much so I'm always tempted with purchasing more than one.

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