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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How to buy a designer bag

Back in January I got an itch for a new handbag. I realised that it had been years since my last investment purchase (a black YSL Muse in 2007 and a Chanel Jumbo as my 30th birthday present), so I  decided I was in the market for something new. I started researching and soon realised that this could be good homework for a feature in The ICONS Update, because let's face it: where does one start with so much choice? 

Personally, I wasn't after a forever buy, I wanted something a little bit "in fashion" actually, so I ended up buying a Chloe Drew, which despite loving very much, is a bit small and will probably get sold on Vestiaire Collective in a few years time. However, going back to my search - I happened to walk across the Louis Vuitton concession in Selfridges and was astonished by the amazing, grownup, iconic selection of handbags they held. How could I have missed this? Could it be because I am a little intimidated by designer boutiques, so never really set foot in there? But everyone was so nice, and helpful!? I tried on a Lockit, an Alma, the Palais Chain (in red in navy and in blue) and then realised that if I was making an investment buy today (damn Chloe Drew), it would hands-down-no-doubt be a Louis Vuitton handbag. Why? Well, I faced my fears, put on a frock and went to New Bond Street to tell you a story... Read it in this week's issue of The ICONS Update.


Photos by Eva K. Salvi

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